Today’s university student is more than just a pupil. They are multitasking dynamos skillfully juggling the many facets of productivity. Friends, family, employers and professors are all vying for a student’s limited attention. Navigating through a turbid sea of due dates, save the dates and “dating” dates can pull one away from their inspirational playtime with movies, music and being creative. Lenovo, the Notebook blacksmiths, have launched the mighty Lenovo IdeaPad® U Series Ultrabook campaign to highlight their newly forged utlrabook line. The U310 and U410 Ultrabooks are where speed, power and convenience converge in a sexy slim form factor (as thin as 18mm in height and under 4lbs in weight).

The “IdeaPad” lives up to its namesake as a nexus of productivity. Inspiration can strike at a moment’s notice and knows no limits. You need tools that are just as responsive, no matter where you are. The slim lightweight Lenovo U310 and U410 make transport a cinch and utilize an “always on” technology. This allows them to wake from sleep in a mere :02 seconds flat. Your emails, instant messages and social media are updated in the background, even as the ultrabook sleeps. Take a power nap in comfort and security. Plus the 7-9 hour battery life ensures things are ready to go when you are – wherever you are.

The Lenovo U Series IdeaPad Ultrabooks are the predators. Your syllabus is the prey. At their heart are burly 3rd generation Intel multicore processors (i5 or i7). Plus users can choose between integrated Intel graphics or a more frag-worthy 600M series graphics chip for unfettered gaming joy between term papers and other school assignments. This technical tag team helps bridge the gap between school, work and multimedia play. Plus, Lenovo has included ample storage options in the traditional platter style hard drive combined with the tried and true speed demon solid state hard drives. Pipe your favorite movies out to a worthy 1080p TV or monitor with the included HDMI-out. Additionally, Bluetooth support means you can route sound to any set of Bluetooth ready speakers, headphones or mic-enable headset for social gaming or voice-communication with lab partners and colleagues.

The U Series line of Ultrabooks is your new undaunted lab partner by day and a sleepless game-hungry party animal by night. From the premium tech bits to the mouth-watering aesthetics, the IdeaPad handsomely blankets all bases with a rainbow of elegant colors options, swimsuit-thin form factor, pervasive battery life and laudably peppy performance. Your workload and your digital playlist benefit from the gorgeous HD display and Dolby Digital sound support. A stylish and comfortable keyboard layout makes navigating and typing fun while minimizing mistakes brought on by finger fatigue and general exhaustion.

The Lenovo U Series IdeaPads seamlessly meld work and play into hot little body with the brains to take home to Mother. No matter the endeavor–no matter where you toil–the U310 and U410 Ultrabooks are your mavens for work and play.

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Christen Costa

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