Might this be the best “Iron Man” movie so far?  We’re gonna go out on the proverbial limb and say yes.

Before you ask why, we suggest you take a look at the above trailer (and ignore the teaser trailer from yesterday).   After that, take into consideration that Jon Faverau isn’t at the director’s helm this time around.  That’s a good thing, trust us.  If you don’t believe what we’re espousing checkout the last two “Iron Man” movies, especially the second one.  There are so many flaws in the blocking of action it’s difficult to not suspend ones belief.  That said, Shane Black was chosen to direct “Iron Man 3″.  And although he has some questionable titles under his belt – more so from a screenplay standpoint – he also has some amazingly entertaining ones, which include “Lethal Weapon”, “The Last Boy Scout”, and the smaller but very entertaining “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”.

The plot of Iron Man 3 is still unknown.  Word has it that Tony Stark is just returning from his battle that took place at the end of the Avenger’s movie.  He clearly is in a despondent state of mind, and faces what is presumably his darkest hour.  Much like the past two films, Robert Downey’s character has developed some new tech that allows him to magnetically attract or call his suit to him, meaning he no longer has to step into a machine, or a briefcase as scene in the second iteration of the film.

No word on a release date, but you can expect Iron Man 3 to hit theaters sometime in 2013.

Update: one commenter (the only one) pointed out that it’s coming out in April of next year.  Thanks IMDB for nothing.

Christen Costa

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