iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 (Comparison)

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

100 Comments to iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 (Comparison)

  1. I had to read this (and correct it) for someone who was asking about these devices. I must say, congratulations on one of the worst-written articles of all time. You reviewed the Lumia with false information a month before it was released? Excellent work.
    Have fun with a $200, 16GB, non-HD iPhone 5. I’ll stick with my $100, 32GB, WXGA Lumia 920, its larger screen, and its free $50 wireless charger.

  2. I rate you a stupid dipshit since all I know about you is what I read. You don’t even get a tie. I regret reading this fake attempt at an article.

  3. wow so biassed comparison -_- iOS6 is horrible how is it better thn WP8….. and saying they will never catch up with app… all top tier app will come to WP8….. they dont need junk apps like iOS does…..plz dont write anymore James Piklover -_-

  4. Wait what, why is there a picture of the android guy next to the ios 6 operating system. In case it’s not oblivious, the nokia lumia 920 doesn’t run android.

  5. You should fire the one that wrote this review. Iphone 5 is shit. Battery sucks. Os sucks. Camera sucks. Stop apologizing for apple’s crap. Nokia has weight because of build quality. Know your meme. Nokia… Fall on floor. Breaks floor

  6. Dude Ill pay you 6 million bucks just to sh** the h**l up. You obviously know nothing about phones. Please tell me that they will not use you to write reviews about the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show. Did you even finished your GED?

  7. Couple problems, now that this article is old. NOW TO DATE:
    1. you should NOT include App Ecosystem when comparing the Operating Systems. Windows Phone 8 is amazing, and has been used for a while now.
    2. Size, is relative. I much prefer a bigger phone. I consume lots of media. Small screen isn’t effective.
    3. Lumia 920 retails for $549 OFF CONTRACT (In Canada anyways) which is MUCH cheaper than iPhone.
    4. Lumia wins already for Camera. YOU may not have used it, but its already released here in Canada, and I can tell you for sure, it is MUCH better. Night shots for SURE, daylight shots are comparable.
    5. Wireless connectivity, the Canadian phone supports a LOT right out of the box.

  8. This is the most outrageous and horrible comparison i have ever read in my life time. Who is this horrible guy? First of all he does not have the material to test and wherever he feels lumia 920 is way better, he escapes saying it is a tie!!!! My god, even my granny who is half blind will write a better review than this one… OMG!!! i cannot believe isheeeps are this blind!!!

  9. Ahaha what is this, some kind of Onion-like funny site? Oh shit it’s real… LOL

    Back to reality, fanboi:

    Camera: Winner: Lumia 920, the only smartphone with IOS and unmatched low-light photography. The camera is better that the iPhone 5, already proven and tested.

    Price: Winner: Lumia 920, cheaper subsidized price and cheaper unlocked price. You must be insane if you think the iPhone is any more affordable than any phone.

    NFC: Winner: Lumia 920

    Standard USB port: Winner: Lumia 920

    Wireless Charging: Winner: Lumia 920

    Durability: Winner: Lumia 920, built like a tank front and back

    Audio: Winner: Lumia 920, with Rich Recording

    Maps: Winner: Lumia 920 and Nokia Maps (no-brainer)

    I’ll stop there.


    Lumia 920 = 12 (winner)
    iPhone 5 = 8 (loser, like the the fanboi journo)

  10. James, this is totally ridiculous, how can you review a product isn’t even out yet. The PS3 has better technical specs than the XBox 360, yet Xbox is the far superior console. What a complete waste of time…this borders on trolling.

  11. I’m a current iPhone user, but you’re out of your mind. The Lumia 920 wins every category (barring size and carriers) by a country mile. Fair enough the iPhone can go up to 64GB, but the price of a 16GB is more than the 32GB Lumia.

  12. And the summary issssss……. The author is an iphone fanboy ; P

    You judge the OS by the number of (too much and most of similarity) apps?
    you should think of the basic usage like: IS IT GOOD THAT YOUR HOME SCREEN HAVE ONLY APPLICATIONS? Windows phone desktop allow you to place apps, documents, picture, every kind of file you can think of not only bullshit JAVA apps from apple that all of them combied even few than the flash games flood on the internet (I compare the iphone game to the flash games because it is the same standard. it couln’t even compared to a real computer games) The winphows phone8 will be sharing core with windows 8 on the computer, so it will be easier to do thing like on PC(Windows not Mac).

    Also you can’t compete the speed because you HAVEN’T TOUCHED THE REAL PHONES YET (like most of your summary).Windows phone OS has much performance that a standard processor could even be fast.

    LETS LAUGHT that the iphone 5 have a tiny 16 GB storage, you judge it wins!

    I don’t know why you serious about changing the carier? BUT I’M SERIOUS ABOUT NANOSIM ; P

    Does iphone 5 have floating lens to keep image more stable? No. OK find some test of them on youtube yourself that 920 have far more better camera. Don’t forget try in low light imaging.

    About the carier.Does it make sense to compare? If i really need 920 I won’t care about the carier anymore.

    The price, I think nokia 920 is better that it should be expensive than iphone 5 but it doesn’t. Appreciated Nokia ^3^

    More reasons for 920 :

    Super sensitive touch screen that you can touch even on glove or thouch with any electrical conductivity material.

    The brightest+sharpest IPS screen in mobile devices

    PureMotionHD+ ; the screen won’t blur while moving fast.
    And more because i’m lazy to type just want to blame your judgement without common sense

  13. TheBBoyFill

    oh my god –> “Winner: Tie, until we can test the Lumia 920.” (camera comparison)
    bro, your envy so CONTRAST!

  14. Allan Jiang

    One of the most biased review for the two devices. lumia is $50 cheaper than the cheapest iPhone5, and come with a better camera and battery life.

  15. James Pikover is a Dikhead

    James Dikhead, thank you for making me laugh with your biased review. You sir are a narrow-minded and an iphone sucker. Tell me, how much did apple pay you to do this review?

  16. GR please see to it that this author revise this review due to biased review. I can do a better review/comparison than this nitwit.

  17. TheBBoyFill

    what a suck comparison!? I know you don’t want your shit iphone killed by nokia lumia… bitch please~ (camera winner: tie? big LOL for ya)

  18. wow first time i have seen all the comments with same view that. this article is an example of biased and poor journalism .

  19. Overall winner was wrote from apple fanboy.1/ Battery life . WTF ? How can be (iphone5) 8 hours of talk time and 1400MAh better than 2000MAh and10 hours of talk time(lumia920) .2/ OS , unfinished iOS 6 and their shit maps, cant beat WP8, ONLY IN APPS. 3/ Camera, Please ! Who say, that iphone 5 has better camera than lumia 920 must be total retarded. Yes ! Purple tint on iphone5’s photos is THE NEW STYLE! 4/ Price : Lumia 920 is now in EU for 650€ and iphone 5 for 900€ now , what is better ? This is the worst comparsion, what i ever read.

  20. I’m sorry but you all are terribly misinformed about the Lumia 920. You can buy it in 32 GB and it has expandable storage. You used the storage as a basis for price and storage so those two votes are invalid. The camera on the Lumia 920 is the best camera that has ever been part of a smart phone. The camera vote is invalid. This whole thing needs to be updated with the new information that has come out. If you know nothing about the device, why make the article prematurely?

  21. Detailed Observer

    If you look closely at the author’s photo, you can see the mark on his forehead from where the pen1s was removed.

  22. I’d like to defend James ! …. well … not really, its a stupid article. I just feel sorry for him because I’ve never seen someone get flayed like this before …. not that he doesn’t deserve it of course. Let’s hope it’s educational.

    I did notice that James likes to push buttons … looks like he pushed a few around here !

  23. The camera was tested by a couple of sites and easily beat the iphone in both still photos and videos. Plus you leave out NFC, wireless charging, Nokias offline maps (we know how awful the new iphone maps are). How about waiting another 2 weeks for the lumia 920 to come out and actually do an acurate review.

  24. This made me literally LOL. Sounds like an Apple biased fanboy to me, everything he says is one sided and without any comparisons to the Lumia 920, he still picks Apple. This author simply does not know how to write a review properly because any unbiased reviews would place “pending comparison” instead of declaring Aplle the winner. Simply ridiculous in my opinion. Please gadget review, look into this authors review and tell us how is this fair….

  25. fair warning

    Dear Gadget Reivew,
    Which idiot did this reivew?
    Did you see the readers’ comments?
    Do you have an editorial staff?
    I had some respect for your site till today; it is now gone.
    Shame on this kind of one-sided review without even using the other.
    Hope you will kick this writer out and reivew all postings prior to post.
    Good luck, GR.

  26. LMAO with the author’s obvious bias. If you do some bias article, you should’ve at least be discreet with it. Now this gives more damage to your beloved iCompany than helping their cause. This is quite funny to the extreme!

  27. So you compare a phone you have used to one you haven’t and declare the iPhone the winner?

    This is lazy spec comparing of the finest order. Has anyone properly benchmarked the A6 CPU or do you take what Apple tells you at face value? Apple also said the iPhone screen is the most advanced in any phone when we know that isn’t true since the resolution, PPI, brightness, refresh speed and sensitivity are all inferior to the 920.

    Also, there are a few videos and photos of the 920 camera vs the iPhone 5 camera (which has a purple fringing problem) and while the iPhone was second place the 920 camera wins by a mile.

  28. This review is garbage. More propoganda drivel spit up by a mindless Apple drone.
    First, size should be a tie. if the iPhone size was really better, wouldn’t EVERY company making smartphone’s make theirs that size? It’s personal preference. I’m 6’4″ and have big hands, the iPhone feels stupid in my hands.
    For operating system, it’s really a tie too. WP has all the necessary apps a person could need. If you can’t admit that Andriod and iOS are littered with too many duplicate and pointless apps then you need your head examined. The operating system debate should then focus on usability of the actual system, which you haven’t used so how can you declare the iPhone the winner yet. What a joke.
    Both Apple and Microsoft have some form of the cloud…so wouldn’t that make this a tie too?
    Wireless Connectivity…I’m just curious how often this blogger leaves the country. While he does have a point, the % of people that actually would utilize this is negligible. Not to meantion you’ll still pay out the ears in roaming/international charges so that makes his points moot and this becomes a tie.
    Camera. Purple her of an iPhone 5 vs the best camera on the market. All you have to do is research a few other reviews of the 920 to see that the pureview on the Nokia absolutely destroys the iPhone…like it’s not even close.
    So when you take out the writer’s obvious bias, based on his scoring system you can deduct 1 point from the iPhone on camera, add 5 points to Nokia for the 4 ties and the camera win and you now get 9-8 in favor of the Nokia.
    While I have nothing against Apple (owned an Iphone4 and currently own a MacBook), people are completely brainwashed by Apple and that it makes this review an utter joke because he wrote it without even having the damn phone to make a true comparison.

  29. OMG what a load of horse crap, especially with regard to the camera. Test after test by highly regarded tech sites have shown the 920’s PureView camera is lightyears ahead of the purple flashing iPhone 5 camera. Also, the O/S on the iPhone is now Jurassic and the iPhone 5, whilst very good looking has zero innovation from the iPhone 4S. Perhaps the author would like to re-check his facts and re-publish? The funniest thing about this article is how do you do an objective review about a phone that is yet to be released and it’s O/S where many new features are still hidden? This is a good site to avoid in the future…..

  30. most idiotic article I’ve ever read. Please consider change your career. I fanatic. Where is your evidence? Did you get your hands on Lumia 920 yet? You not only lack of knowledge yet disgraced Nokia’s hard efforts on making an user friendly, eco friendly, people friendly & so much more. Iphone just ripping your hard earn money.

  31. this is by far the most idiotic article I read regarding phone comparison. First, the author has no knowledge about Lumia 920 and an Apple fanatic. Please consider quit your writing career.

  32. This article gave me a good laugh. How can you perform half of this review without one of the devices being released to the public?
    Operating System section was a joke! “I’d like to say iOS is better, the truth is I just don’t know….Without any hands-on time, how can anyone judge? ” you managed to?!
    You then base on number of Apps in their respective store? Why?

    Section on Wireless Connectivity was pointless as you failed to do enough research on either phone. Then double up this section as “Carriers”.

    I suggest you actually ‘push buttons’ on a released Nokia 920 with Windows Phone 8 before attempting to do a review such as this.

    • James Pikover

      I have no thoughts regarding the horde of badmouthing and fanboyism on any side. What I can say is this:

      Anyone who says the specs are crap is mistaken. All specs are taken directly from the manufacturers, either directly from them (meaning in conversation, press releases, etc.), or indirectly from their websites or PR firms working for them.

      Anyone who says that I am an Apple fanboy for rating the iPhone 5 so much more highly than the Lumia 920 clearly didn’t bother to read the article. I not only pointed out how I’m unhappy with the direction of the iPhone 5 numerous times, but also stated how the iPhone isn’t the best phone according to our use and research. The title of best phone, to this day, resides with the Galaxy S III.

      Anyone who say’s I’m trolling must be mistaken because the number of iPhone users vs Nokia users worldwide is so vast that it would mean I’m trying to get a tiny population of people riled up. How does that make any sense, journalistically, economically, or even if I actually wanted to troll someone?

      Regarding the camera, the iPhone has for the past 3 years had one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. Do your research and you’ll find that it’s true. Nokia has also always done a tremendous job with cameras. However, limited testing has been done by media or publicly regarding the Lumia 920’s version of the PureView camera, and I would not say without a doubt that it is better in all conditions, especially after finding under extensive testing which we’ve run on the iPhone 4S and Lumia 900 that the iPhone provided better overall picture quality.

      It’s also worth pointing out to 50% of commenters that although the site is called Gadget Review, articles published on the site are not all reviews. We write editorials, previews, interviews, host giveaways, and publish news, all daily. Nowhere is it stipulated or written that this comparison is an actual review, nor would I as the main comparison author for the site ever suggest that the comparison were a review. We have other ways of producing such content, and do so regularly.

      For the few commenters that complain about the iPhone 5 because of the small percentage of found problems with some devices (blue hazing on the camera, scratches straight out of the box), I haven’t found such problems with my personal device, but recognize two things: first, nearly all products sold anywhere in the world have somewhere between 5-10% error on individual units. Apple has been equally good and bad about this, sometimes immediately replacing faulty units and other times calling those faulty behaviors “features.” The thing is, all companies have this problem. Suggesting that Apple is the only one is reverse fanboyism.

      It should also be noted that the purported “winner” only reveals what we believe will be the better phone, not anything else. These assumptions are based on mass markets, not individuals. Plenty of commenters pointed out how the iPhone is terrible and they’d never get it. That’s a fair opinion to have, though something like 100 million Americans own or have owned an iOS device.

      Finally, I will add that comparisons are widely read and while there is much bitter vitriol from commenters on them, I am actively engaged in making them more reader-friendly in regards to scoring and categories. However, those changes will not be made until the site undergoes a massive overhaul, which is in the works. I recognize that there are some necessary categories while others are less substantial, and that a simple 1-0 scoring system isn’t a fair estimation of the differences between devices. These are all things that I am working to address, and will be addressed in the near future.

      TL;DR: most commenters should learn to read articles they comment on, the system isn’t perfect and we’re fixing it so it is, this isn’t a review, we’re not biased, don’t worry be happy.

      • You obviously can’t think you can still have an article like this when the NL920 is not even out yet. And some of your arguments are still invalid. Size for example, not everyone wants small, flimsy things. That is an opinion for the user and size, not a fact that smaller is better. Appearance is another invalid argument. It is personal opinion on what you like, and from the polls i have seen, peoples personal opinion prefer the new, stylish look. I’m not saying the NL920 is the better looking one of the 2 phone (although I personally think the NL920 is better looking), it is all based on opinions. OS you made another invalid point, here are your words, “not because Windows Phone 8 isn’t better; it’s because WP8 will start out with limited apps, and it may never catch up to the number and quality of available apps on the platform.” Apps do NOT make a OS better then another, so you can’t base it off that. We don’t even know what WP8 can do yet besides the already known from WP7 and a few given new features. And you say WP8 will not have quality apps? I can already list a few that are better quality than an iPhone, Nokia Drive, Microsoft Office, etc. The processor, although that is a valid argument, you were still wrong. The A6 processor has been beaten by other phone in processor performance with the same snapdragon processor (The Galaxy S3). Do I need to continue, or have you gotten the picture. I’m not trying to insult you, but you can NOT have a comparison when you don’t have all the correct data. Poor journalism, which would have gotten you a big fat F if you were to submit this in a college class. You might want to consider rewriting this after the NL920, so you can back up what you say WITH valid arguments. Or yo can just delete this article all together. Have a good day.

      • So, you are saying every comment here is wrong, Funniest thing is if lighter and thinner means better. Do you really think Nokia is not able to make thinner and lighter phones? Wireless charger and the BEST camera makes L920 heavier and if you are disable to carry extra 55 grams go to gym, have a lighter phone or take off your t-shirt because it weights 155 grams.

      • Well seeing from your comment, you are an Apple Fanboy and u dont see anything else than that.
        1) Price: Lumia 920 is cheaper with 32 GB memory
        2) Camera: there is so many tests and previews about that so your thinking “because Lumia 900 had worse camera than Iphone 4s is just BULL”
        3) size and outlook. Well I have seen Lumia 920 at store already. And I have tested Iphone 5. Lumia looks way better and size is good.
        4) Battery life, it should be better on Lumia not Apple.
        5) WP 8.0 is looking by far better than IOS.
        6) Processor: wait when u get final product, I believe it will be faster than IOS because its faster OS so it does not go by the specs
        While being true that many manufacturers have some problems in the beginning, Iphone5 problems win them all.
        Only fanboy can write this kind of article. I think even if u get final product to do REAL testing, you would still write same bullshit because u are just a fanboy

      • How can someone take you serious when your write something poor like this? Most people here don’t really think the iPhone 5 is as bad how they are saying, they are just using you level of comparison between two phones. Please do us a favor and don’t write anymore. The only good thing of this review was the comments, the rest it was just wasting of ti e

      • How can someone take you serious when your write something poor like
        this? Most people here don’t really think the iPhone 5 is as bad as
        they are saying, they are just using you level of comparison between two
        phones. Please do us a favor and don’t write anymore. The only good
        thing of this review was the comments, the rest it was just wasting of

  33. Size : Too light feels too cheap. 920 is a bit too heavy, but that’s not really a con for me.
    Appearance: Love the way 920 looks, iPhone 5 looks good too but 2 colors only.
    Display: 920 will have the BEST display in the market.
    OS: Some like iOS some don’t. WP8 looks different and unique. Personally i like that.
    Processor: iPhone 5 performs great. But, 920 isn’t even out yet u can’t say it will be bad. Besides WP7 runs extremely smooth without lag on single core, WP8 should be as good if not better.
    Wireless Connectivity: 920 is being released in different nations so that it works better in that network.
    Camera: I am not even going to compare. Pureview beats every other cellphone camera there is and no other brand has even come close. iPhone 5 camera has the purpleview problem.
    Battery Life: Consumers are complaining battery life in 5 is worse than 4s. As for 920 we can judge it yet. However on paper it says, iphone 5 standby time 225 hours. 920 is 400 hours.
    Carriers: Iphone has a better hand here. Nokia isnt in a position to command the different carriers. However, were i live it doesnt matter, we dont have contracts.
    Price: You don’t know what the price is so don’t judge.

    And don’t forget 920 has
    -Wireless Charging
    -Micro USB
    -Nokia Maps work offline too [dont get me started on Apple maps}
    -Iphone 5 has scratch issues, 920 is whole polycarbonate even the back plate is ceramic so no scratches there. [Unlike apple, nokia listens to its consumers]

    That said we dont actually know all the features of WP8 until its released.

    Honestly read a little more about Lumia 920.

    • Mike Murphy

      Wow new i phone scratches all over it even with a case being on it .
      Cant wait for the 920 hello Nokia and windows 8 good bye Apple

  34. hey!!!
    gr8 to see some nokia fans like me
    in this review mayb the processor thing might be right(i really wish it should not be)

  35. LOL,clear iPhone bias, few facts. 920 blows i5 out of the water with its incredible camera, its super sensitive display, its wireless charging, and its phenomenal looks. Memory card? What year is this, 2001? Cloud, folks. Cloud. Also,your notions of GSM/CDMA options simply reflect your gross ignorance. Please stop. When iPhone devotees start complaining about the “bulky” nature of the 920 i laugh, since the original selling point of the iphone (particularly the 4) was its heavy, solid feel. Just stop. You can’t have it both ways. The Lumia is still thin, although not wafer thin. This is because it has to be thick enough to accommodate a camera so good it blows every other phone out of the water except another Lumia pureview device. Deal with it. Embrace it. Your grandparents use an iPhone.

  36. Damn..not a single person yet has found this article anything other then biased. This is a horrible comparison! Most annoying to me is reading in the “size” category that compared to the iphone 5 the Lumia (which actually does have it hardware/material differences then the 900 you jackass) feels “thick” and “clunky”. That’s such BS..

  37. iPhone 5 got scratch issues, map issues and camera issues and it is a hiped product. I do not want buy hiped product becuase they get sold in high price. No value for money.

  38. WaitForWinkia

    Idiotic review. Author seems to just write with infinite stupidity to gather clicks. ‘The score seems ridiculously in favor of the iPhone 5′ Yeah right…! ‘ Operating system isn’t just about apps… there are thousand other factors…. Ease of use, settings, customization, search system, maps integration, data management, security etc etc etc. Stop writing these iBlinded spec comparison reports that are good for nothing…

  39. this is a fair comparison? Please, first u really don’t know nothing about Lumia 920… Camera Tie?? Battery Tie?? u can’t just write “we need to see in action”… if you have to see all in action wait before to write a comparison… Price – iPhone5… u know the price of Lumia 920 in US?

  40. This jack ass says that apple wins in one category having to Do with performance. Then says nokia camera doesn’t win because it’s not out yet……. Soooo how can you make your pro apple decisions saying that it wins when nothing has been compared yet. Also remember jack ass. Though nokia is using the same processor as the s3, Windows Phone will be more optimized for that processor, much like apple did with their inferior ram chip used in iPhone 4s which still kept up with the s3 vast superior chip.

  41. Nice to know that that is one of the most biased reviews I have read haha! I’m not saying the Nokia Lumia 920 is better (in my eyes it is from what i see though), but you honestly can’t compare two things unless you have hands on with both of them!!! And there are specs that aren’t the full truth on both sides. Poorly written article, reading it makes me feel like you practically wrote this article from an iPhone. That is poor journalism trying to make a quick buck. Do research, know what you’re talking about, have hands on time with both phones, and make it not so obvious that you prefer the iPhone. Articles like these are supposed to be for the readers, not what the author thinks.

  42. k let me say somethin about each point, 1. i think more people want a bigger phone size and me i like heavy phone so edge to 920. #4 the storage, u cant give the ege to iphone cuz noone wants to pay like 500 for more space so thats bs. #6 920 wins if u actually looked up what its capable of so stfu, #7 battery life if actully read what its capable of instead of assuming 920 wins and the price noone wnats to pay 500 like i said so get your facts straight u iphone fucker

  43. John Muchow

    OMG…. giving a score comparison on a device you haven’t even seen or used yet??? What a waste of time… go and get a real job!

    • Site should be called Gadgetpreview.

      I think I’m going to create a website for supercar reviews and just look at their specifications and declare winners based on looks. Who needs to drive a car? they all behave the same right, they all have a steering wheel, gear shift and pedals. What could possibly be different? :)

  44. Nokia 920 may be available on Verizon (see latest leaks). Also, how can you declare winners on speculation and assumptions? Finally, processor specs are not a predictor of performance. I think you need to wait till you have both of them in hand.

  45. My God..I have never seen such a crock! Are you kidding? Even the 900 is vastly better than the 5! Geez you guys…People are not stupid. We see right through this. The Nokia is a full league above the iphone.

  46. Jango Mango

    Nokia Lumia has Wireless charging feature does apple has this feature? Plus why don’t you compare them via a video comparison, I think you are lacking information here and announcing iPhone a winner not fair until you use Nokia Lumia 900. Thanks for the one sided review But I am going for Nokia.

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