I love me some gaming peripherals. For me new peripherals mean new weapons of war to level the digital playing field and tip more frags in my favor. Today Gigabtye is playing peripheral arms dealer to the gaming needy with their new Osmium mechanical gaming keyboard and Krypton Dual-Chassis gaming mouse.

The Osmium Mechanical gaming keyboard is blessed with my favorite style of key switches, the speedy Cherry MX Red. These key switches do not require users to bottom out the key before the key press is registered. Just 2mm into the press and you’re golden. There is also no tactile feedback bump to let you know the key press has reached the registered/actuation point–and that’s just the way many gamers prefer it. Other notable features are high speed USB 3.0 hub, dedicated volume and backlit illumination dials, mechanical macro keys, 5 profiles to choose and Gigabyte boasts easy and intuitive macro recording software to expand functionality to suit your taste and applications.

The vermin on order is the Krypton gaming mouse capable of 8200dpi laser sensor (that’s fast!). It utilizes a unique dual chassis design. Swap between chassis types for changes in speed and control. The Krypton can also¬†fluctuate¬†its girth at will. The elaborate weight adjustment system makes way for tailored center of gravity. Swap weights in and out to center the gravity to the left for right-handed gamers, dead center for claw-grip gamers, center it at the bottom for palm-grip and so forth.

Additionally the Krypton brings on-mouse macro recording via the Ghost Macro Engine software. You can store up to 5-gaming profiles. There’s even a quick switch toggle left or right operation modes. Check the following videos for the full intel dump on Gigabytes new weapons to enhance your fragging fracas.

Source | Via: Geeky-Gadget.com

Shawn Sanders

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