You’re probably scratching your head wondering who the hell is Ermini after reading this…but that’s because it’s been 50 years since the Italian automaker closed its doors. Their “barchetta” cars were famous across the world and which in Italy are synonymous with legendary street races such as the Mille Miglia and the Targa Florio. But it seems they’re looking to make a comeback. Already touting an Italian background (a la Ferrari and Lamborghini), Ermini hopes to jump right back on track with the release of a new sports car by next year.

The Florence-based sportscar manufacturer plans to revitalize its name with a new creation will possibly be called Seiottosei or 686. According to their press release, the rear-engine, rear-wheel drive sportster will feature a space frame construction wherein the engine and the sequential transmission serve as structural members. They’re being tight lipped on what will power their creation, but they did announce their plan to give their new car a power-to-weight ration on par with most supercars on the market today.

For now, they’ve provided us a sketch for their “Barchetta Sport” concept that features carbon fiber body panels that were created by Giulio Cappellini, a designer from outside of the automotive sphere, and Ermini promises the finished product will be easy to maintain, offer low emissions and responsible fuel consumption. “With this car, lovers of those uncompromising vintage sports cars with their distinctive dynamism, long since replaced by modern supercars, will finally be able to enjoy themselves…”: these were the words of Chairman of Ermini Automobili Italia, Eugenio Ercoli.







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