This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bitdefender for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

2012 could be labeled the year of the hacker. Business level hacking and digital intrusions run rampant. But one group proved considerably troublesome, striking fear in the virtual hearts of corporate level database engineers. The cabal in question will remain "anonymous" (see what I did there?). However the discord they wrought left many wondering who was next and when?

Don't go there! Finding your personal computer compromised may not lead to the financial hemorrhaging of your bank account. But you should be no less vigilant when planning your system security. Your precious files, movie library of guilty pleasures and those irreplaceable family photo albums deserve supernatural security. You need a robust multi-tiered level of protection that goes beyond meager freeware. You, my vulnerable computing friend, need a BitDefender!

The company's newly minted suit of armor is the 2013 BitDefender AntiVirus Software. This is a powerful and pervasive set of defensive utilities.  With it, your computing system-damsel will fear little and less from viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and, phishing assaults. Your freeware undoubtedly boasts of similar superpowers. But can your "Clark Kent" coverage vault a tall virus in a single bound? I thought not! 

Or better still… Can it match BitDefender's richer more pervasive feature set? Doubtful! But let's get her installed first. The installation process is a simple one. Part of it includes the removal of any existing virus software. A system reboot is required once BitDefender is finished installing. Your new mighty protector will begin a full system scan once you return to the desktop. Luckily my system was squeaky clean with no viruses. I did get a red "!" which signified some of my system drivers were out of date. Yup. BitDefender keeps track of driver versions and offers reminders that things need "current" attention.  Keeping your system up to date with the current software and drivers is just as essential as an aggressive defense against e-threats. Such monitoring is more than welcomed. 

Like most superheroes, BitDefender has an ego complex and excels at being a "Dudley do-right". Among the garden variety protection ,BitDefender offers Safepay. This is a completely separate browser with a virtual keyboard to prevent hacker keystroke reading/recording. It also blocks intruders from taking snapshots of your screen. The browser can be used for any web surfing while maintaining its strict defensive protocols. Safepay is a Teflon standard security option that today's internet shoppers should demand.

BitDefender goes further. Device Anti-Theft will help you remotely locate lost or stolen computing devices. If recovery in impossible Anti-Theft can remotely wipe the system hard drive James Bond-style. That's power. 

I also have strong parental affinity for the far-reaching Parental Controls for managing internet access for users.  You get strong parental controls for safeguarding the little ones from the more seedier corners of the filter-less internet. Additionally, monitor their internet activity remotely to ensure everything is nice and age-appropriate even while you are away. Ya gotta applaud that!

Bifender even offers you a few extra goodies–such as deep virtual pockets. You get 2gb of cloud storage, of which can be shared and accessed remotely by logging into your BitDefender account. That's handy and saves vital system storage on your physical drives. For you sorcerers of social networking, BitDefender checks all those links that come in and makes sure nothing is harboring something malicious. Social butterflies spread your wings!

So what are you waiting for–system failure, hacked bank accounts, the innocence of  youth stolen from your little ones and replaced with lessons from the insensitive internet? No no and heavens NO! Get some peace of mind and compute in freedom. 

Get BitDefender Antivirus, which earned the CNET Editor's Choice and PCMag Editor's Choice awards, direct from Bitdefender Total Security and their Antivirus software starting at $49.95.


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bitdefender for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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