Belkin G1V1000 @TV Plus Review

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Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and journalist specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture.

5 Comments to Belkin G1V1000 @TV Plus Review

  1. I currently have a Slingbox used by my husband in China. When it works, life is grand, however, after the first one died (within the warranty period) they sent another (which I think is a refurbished). Alas, this weekend that one died as well. So, long story short, I am looking at an alternative. We have the Slingbox hooked up to a dedicated cable DRV box (bypassing the TV). Can we hook up the @TVPlus the same way? I appreciate your thoughts.

    • Hi, generally speaking the @TV works with a cable box’s video output and controls same using an IR blaster. Assuming the cable box is not so exotic or configured so as to not allow a video signal to be transmitted, and has an IR panel for a remote control to use, then you should be able to use it with the @TV. I would check the @TV site and also the cable provider just to make sure there aren’t any special issues that apply which could cause trouble and which can’t be anticipated.

  2. just read your review and thank you for a step by step breakdown. im in australia thinking of buying one. can you change channels of the satellite service remotely on your ipad/pc? can you watch recorded satellite programmes?

    • The IR “blaster works with the video source to control its normal functions; think of it as a pass-through for using the source’s remote control. So if the source can record content, this can be viewed as it would be normally. Hope that helps.

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