AT&T will carry the Samsung Galaxy Camera that combines photography with Android 4.1 and AT&T 4G mobile internet connectivity. So you not only have a powerful point-and-shoot camera, but you can also access all of your favorite Android applications from the Google Play market.

It features a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD screen, a 21x optical zoom lens and a super-bright 16MP BSI CMOS sensor for shooting high-quality images close up and in low light conditions. Powering the device is a quad-core 1 GHz processor for quick and responsive performance ensuring you can capture the shots you want. The camera also includes cool features like Smart Pro Mode technology, which allows you to toggle through a series of pre-set options that simplify the processes for taking professional-level images. Users will also be able to share their pictures on various social networks and cloud services on the go, as well as share images and videos between their Galaxy Camera and other Galaxy devices. Pricing for the Galaxy Camera will be announced when it goes on sale in the coming weeks. Check out our past post on the camera for more info here!

Kristie Bertucci

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