Assassin’s Creed III is set to launch sometime next month. With its unique brand of ancestral assassination, AC3 holds a torrent of newness in its vice-like death grip. We have brand a new game engine, new gameplay features, new weapons, a new biracial protagonist and new locations.

Among the new, AC3 will reprise its multiplayer feature, this time with a few new bits to get the blood pumping for you and a close group of friendly assassins.

There are 14 playable characters, each with their own brand and style of death dealing. Traverse 7 sizable maps. Plot carefully and strike. These include Boston Harbor, Northest Passage, New York, Brewery, Fort Wolcott, Virginia Plantation, Boston North End and Animus Core.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Wanted (4 to 8 players/free-4-all)
Your objective is to kill your designated TARGETS and avoid being killed by your PURSUERS. The higher your rank, the more PURSUERS will hunt you. The highest score wins. Quality kills will boost your score.

Manhunt (4 to 8 players/2 Teams)
Each team takes turns pursuing the other team. Work together to kill your targets or hide with your allies and survive. Performing quality kills and hiding with your allies will boost your score.

Deathmatch (4 to 8 players/free-4-all )
Find and Kill assigned TARGETS and avoid being killed by your PURSUERS. Players compete in a small area without triggering CHASES or using the COMPASS. Quality kills will boost your score.

Artifact Assault  (4 to 8 players/2 teams)
Your objective is to score by stealing the enemy’s artifact from their base and carrying it back to yours. When you’re in your territory, you are a PURSUER, but once you move into enemy territory, you become a TARGET. The team with the highest score win

Domination (4 to 8 players/2 Teams)
Work together to CAPTURE TERRITORIES and DEFEND them from the OPPOSSING TEAM to score. The team who fills the SCORING GAUGE or obtains the highest score at the end of the COUNTDOWN wins.

Assassination (4 to 8 players/free-4-all)
Identify, acquire and assassinate the target of your choice. Avoid being killed by other players. Performing quality kills will boost your score.

Wolfpack (# of players variable)
Wolfpack is a non adversarial mode where 1 to 4 players coordinates their actions to maximize their score by eliminating waves of enemies in order to reach the next SCORE THRESHOLD before the end of the SEQUENCE COUNTDOWN.

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