“Octo-Mom” has got nothing on AMD! Birthing octuplets is nothing to scoff at. However, dropping two sets of octuplets in just under a year is quite a busy bit of procreation. Momma AMD has toiled and tinkered to refine last year’s rather underwhelming AMD FX line of 8-core CPUs. The result is AMD’s first 4GHz CPU. Enter the 2012 AMD FX line-up for AM3+ socket motherboards. This new line boasts a sizable 15% performance over its progenitor.

The 2012 AMD FX line is code named: Vishera. Vishera replaces the “Bulldozer” cores from the previous line of FX CPUs (code named: Zambezi) for the new “Piledriver” cores. The updated architecture is built with multi-thread applications in mind. Media encoding, editing and other forms of content creation, were major focuses for AMD. Expect higher base clock speeds than last year’s Zambezi line. Also the new 2012 AMD FX line-up is fully unlocked so overclocking enthusiasts and system builders can really push their 8-core CPU to the limit, thereby significantly increasing performance. Moreover, all this power is priced handsomely to sell. A sub-$200 introductory price point makes an entry level AMD FX hard to ignore. Check out the price-to-spec break down.

From jump, AMD has the notable usual suspects on tap for day-1 motherboard support. ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI all have AMD FX-ready AM3+ socket motherboards for eager early adopters. As you undoubtedly guessed, the embargo has lifted. If you want to know how this year’s FX stacks up to last year’s, check around that interweb thing all the kids are using, for a bevy of today’s Vishera AMD FX reviews.

The new 2012 line-up of AMD FX processors are available now. For more information check here at the company website.

Shawn Sanders

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