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Miveu POV iPhone Camera System Captures the Action First Hand


Dash cams have provided us with some horrific, and tragic accidents.  Lessons have been learned, perhaps lives saved since they make for an excellent learning tool.  However, nobody gets into more collisions than motorcyclists, yet they lack a “dash”, which means that they’ll need a head mounted camera. Not so....

Jet Airways First Class

Jet Airways First Class Cabin is An Actual Room (video)


[GR]buf9jn7MlHE[/GR] Traveling first class on Emirates Airlines A380 will set you back a pretty penny.  But for that cash you’ll receive nothing short of the most luxurious flying experience one can buy.  Well, there are always private jets, and if you happen to be one of the richest men in...

VX2460h-led monitor main

Viewsonic VX2460h-led 24″ Monitor Review


 There was a time when a high-definition monitor and a large monitor were two separate issues to consider: you bought a monitor that had one of these attributes only because the price would otherwise be astronomical. That was then — now we’ve 24-inch monitors which cost less than an Apple...