Thanks to dash cameras, we can now see footage of some of the craziest accidents that happen everyday. Some of the lucky ones get to walk away from these horrifying crashes, while others aren’t so lucky. While definitely interesting to watch, some of these videos below are pretty brutal and will make you appreciate everyday, as well as caution you to be a better driver!

14. Cop Almost Cut in Half

This cop got lucky, or just has cat like reflexes.  Watch and you’ll see the car come out of the left screen with a fury.  Perhaps they hit an oil patch.

13. Head-on Truck Collision

This truck driver is very lucky to be able to walk away from such a devastating accident that could have surely taken his life!

12.Bugatti Veyron Lake Crash

This exotic gets into a huge accident and we’re feeling very sorry for the owner of this $1M vehicle!

11. Airborne Nissan GT-R Crash

It sucks when regular cars crash but a sports car is even WORSE! This Nissan GT-R gets some flight before crashing.

10. Motorcycle Rider Crash

This guy is totally lucky! After crashing, the dude gets up even though he slightly injured his leg!

9. Lightning Hits SUV

The dash camera captures this crazy footage of lighting hitting an SUV in a storm…crazy stuff!

8. Police Chase

Cop chases are always cool, especially when they end in crashes and are caught on tape!

7. Brutal Highway Crash

WHOAH! This is seriously a brutal highway crash that even provides slow-mo of this scary ass accident in South Korea!

6. Ejected From Car

A father and son get ejected from their car in this crazy accident caught on a dash camera. Thank God, no fatalities happened with this accident!

5. Stolen Cop Car Crash

This dumbass steals a cop car and then crashes it, with everything caught on the dash cam!

4. Snow and Ice Fatality

Harsh winter conditions always equate to lots of accidents, like this nasty one.

3. Rainy Day Accident

Rain and drivers don’t mix most of the time, as seen in this crazy dash cam accident.

2. Head-on Head Accident

Damn mini-vans.  We knew there was nothing good about them.  It would seem that it most certainly caused this head on collision.

1. Deadly Head-on Crash

This one is a bit scary…and really makes you think about driving VERY carefully.

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