VIZIO E320i 32” Smart LED TV Review

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VIZIO E320i 32” Smart LED TV front shot
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Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and journalist specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture.

8 Comments to VIZIO E320i 32” Smart LED TV Review

  1. i would say that the vizio is not really a good buy it is more like crap, it takes an internet to download the apps , but it has no internet brower to search the net also it appears to me that comstomer service is also a crap they rush you and give no response to hard questions how to improve their product they seem to read off of clue cards . they are not really that smart about there own product. they do a play on words the true meaning and straight to the point they can not understand. america what has happened to the meaning of the usa made in american . with this company all americans has turned out to have business being gobal any time soon. when you can not even have knowledge about the tv . you call it smart . it is just rubbish that they are in the business of ripping off americans.

  2. Raylyn Eubanks

    I just signed up for Netflix and I have a Vizio LCD HDTV #E321VL, my question is can I get Netflix on this model of tv. If I can, what do I need to set it up.

  3. I had the 42 inch smart Vizio I received as a Christmas gift. The picture went off and nothing works. Taking this one back for another brand.

  4. Maurice H Bechara

    in less than a year I put it in trash, I cannot find my POP (proof of purchase) so it is out of warranty ???? after only ten months I lost connection and TV is not working without any damage or hurt. an no one can help and out of warranty agents that recommended by VIZIO ask for almost same cost of TV to start seeing it. I through it in trash and I bought a Samsung TV which have much better performance and I like it.

  5. I cannot seem to figure out how to stream from my laptop. I tried using Serviio as a media player, and the TV looks in my computers root drive, rather that the folder that I assigned in Serviio. No, I do not have an HDMI connector on my laptop…

  6. The name primarily is as stated, although I have seen it with the “A)” and even with more naming stuff elsewhere. I tend to go with what the manufacturer says on the paperwork that I get — which is what I noted here. Either way, it’s the same unit. Isn’t consumer electronics fun?

  7. The “no 3d” should be in the Pros section!
    Just my sardonic comment on what a lot of us “consumers” think about 3D TV in general, and the manufacturers desperation in trying to con us into paying extra for its dubious charms.
    Useful review, I might get one as a replacement for the rubbish 32 inch I am using for Call of Duty on the Wii and PS3.

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