The All New iPod Nano Includes Built-in Nike+ and Bluetooth, Makes for the Perfect Workout Companion

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iPod Nano 2012
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6 Comments to The All New iPod Nano Includes Built-in Nike+ and Bluetooth, Makes for the Perfect Workout Companion

  1. The Devil Worships Me!!!

    just wondering does it have apps for the games? like the itouch i have 150.00 and i am debating on buying this cause my parents won’t let me have wi-fi compatible devices yet, so i need some answers: 1.Can you download movies from itunes? 2. Does it have games? Thanks!

  2. darknessangel

    I “am” interested in this “POS” just for the Bluetooth. And yeah, video playback is just silly. Anyways, I’m going to buy it this weekend (with some BT headphones). Hopefully it will live up to those statements. But if the connection is cut… I’m returning it and sticking to my ye olde 2nd gen.

  3. This 7th Generation is complete Garbage! The 6th was almost perfect! All I wanted was bluetooh! The widescreen is stupid in every way! Videos on a “Nano” in general is stupid! Nano’s should be square! To be honest, All i want is bluetooh and watch faces. It could even do without an audio jack! The “Home Button addition is the meaning of un innovative! This is no “Nano”! This is the iPod touch mini! I refuse to believe that apple could drop the ball this bad! Leads me to think the iwatch will follow later this year as to let the iphone have 100% of the spotlight. Cause we know no-one with a brain is interested in this POS!

  4. I thought the previous version was better for working out. Smaller and clipped on and still worked as a pedometer and had Nike+ installed. Bluetooth is an okay addition but the portability of the last gen model seemed more suited for exercise than this one overall. The larger screen just makes it too bulky.

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