Soda Stream Fizz Review

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24 Comments to Soda Stream Fizz Review

  1. Robert Stine

    Can someone who has owned a sodastream for a long time tell me if you are still very satisfied with it and why? And please, one more thing, if there’s anything you are not satisfied with, I would like to hear that too. Thanks!

    • gadgetreview

      Hey Rob,
      I’ve had one for a while now. For the most part I’m satisfied. I’ve got the version with 4 buttons (light to strong CO2). My biggest complaints:
      – You’ll want to use the max CO2 setting to retain carbonation during drink making
      – The syrup kills some of the seltzer

  2. I would like to thank all the real reviews of the product as I have been on the fence for sometime now. As for the rest of you, I’m happy that it makes you feel so wonderful to speak down to other humans through the mindless electronic interchange and exchange of information through oour air and insulated copper fiberoptic lines requiring volts and amos produced through nucelar and hydro electric processes as well as the manyoufacturing of polimer based product which also give off hydroflorocarbins when making them…. hmmmm it seems to me all your doing by wasting time, energy and brain power (what little you have) on bashing people about their “carbon foot print” or their “grammer” or even their puncuation! uses is all very silly and a clear sign as to how insecure, uninformed and judgemental you are. Your wasting so much to type your little snide statements directly intended on upsetting other people and causing stress you are the one that should hang your head. at least every one else has a purpose for being here and gets something from it. you on the other hand should be changed with assault causing great bodily injury because stress is one of the leading causes of death and medication use in the US. Right about now you are completely fit to be tied loosing your mind and cant wait to light me up for all my poor spelling typo’s bad or lack of punctuation and whatever other crazy “cause head” theory you come up with to rebut, but there is just one thing…. All the errors that are currently making you puff you chest up and feel so superior ready to dystroy me in the inter world just help to prove my point. spit sputter and choke on whatever it is you think your going to say….it has all been carefully pland and layed out infront of you so you could enjoy jumping on me and demonstraighting my point.
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  3. The soda syrup actually is cheaper then a normal 2 liter would at the store. Every 2 liter runs a $1 or more, while every bottle of flavor gives you 6 2 liters for under $5. I can see how the beginning sticker shock might be a lot, but in the 2 years I have owned my soda stream I have saved over $200 in the amount of soda my family normally drinks.

  4. Sally-Ann

    I have one and do not find it expensive to run. The cost of the bottles is a ‘one off’ and they last, like, forever. The gas lasts me about 5 weeks and I make a lot of carbonated water in that time. The flavour concentrates also last a long time as all you need is a capful per litre. I actually save money now by not having to buy several bottles of soda each week at the store. And these are healthier and better for the environment. I mostly drink water, only using the flavours about a quarter of the time. Would definitely recommend. :)

  5. Mother Earth

    You all are a bunch of DOLTS!! It is not about the price it is about SAVING the ENVIRONMENT by NOT putting MORE plastic into landfills. OMG you people make this world a sad place to live. It all about you isn’t it.

    • Father Earth

      There is this thing called recycling…It’s where they take things like cans, and plastic bottles and melt them down and then make new things therefore not creating more waste or hurting the environment. It’s really quite something…in fact recycling plants cost more to run then simply making new things or cutting down more trees in a lot of cases…I know the world isn’t perfect, but a lot of us “DOLTS” are doing what we can to help our environment.
      P.S. Try out the recycling thing…it’s pretty cool ;)

      • Son Earth

        Well to be fair, recycling does waste a lot of energy and does indeed create some waste. Far and above better than trash, but there is a reason it is the last of the 3 R’s. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

      • Daughter Earth

        Thanks Father earth! Sometimes I want to scream that. Those plants also create jobs too. Father Earth is one smart cookie! This SodaStream thing is pretty cool, but I will be trying because of the taste, NOT because I will be saving bottles. Why would I gag down yucky tasting generic coke like products just to save plastic bottles, when there is recycle plants?

  6. Kimberly Terrill

    I am interested in the Soda Stream because I drink a lot of seltzer water,plain or with citrus. With out the cola flavoring and only needing one bottle (we can pour it into cups or other bottles, I assume)- I wonder of the cost of just the machine and CO2 would be cheaper in the long run, than store bought seltzer…. Any thoughts on that?

    • I have had a soda stream for 18 months and I find the cost complaint to be nonsense. Yes, it costs a bit to get started but once you make the investment, you simply have the expense of the gas cartridges and the concentrate. For you, if you kept a container of water chilling in the fridge, the 2 bottles that are included could be sufficient. For myself, I bought 4 additional bottles.

  7. Thanks for your review, I will keep buying soda and recycling cans until a more cost effective solution is developed. Thanks for saving me money.

    • Well, Jacque, maybe you could elaborate a little bit instead of just saying “took it back did not like it no worth the money”.
      I’d like to know what you did and didn’t like about it. How many times did you try it? Was it faulty? Etc.

      Side note – Punctuation is awesome. You should give it a shot.

  8. gadgetreview

    I would exercise extreme caution with something like this. There are different grades of gases, some designed for consumption, some not.

    • @gadgetreview:disqus
      Gases do have different grades.
      But from all the research I’ve just done, it seems that the container the gas is in is what’s important.

      CO2 is CO2, regardless of it being for a soda maker or for filling a paint ball canister and I’m not seeing anything about them mixing anything with CO2.

      The device @091561a59f2ca035e6d10fb002fa3d44:disqus is talking about is called the “SodaMod SodaStream Soda-Club CO2 Adapter”. It’s a legit product. The only thing that sucks is the fact that it is pricey ($60 at the time of me writing this), it’ll save you quite a bit of money in the long run though ($2-$4 refills vs $20 refills or $30 new cylinders).

      Another option is to use the SodaStream bottles and just put an after market valve on it. Co2doctor sells one for $50.
      This might be a good option for people worrying about their container not being “food quality”. The valve replaces the proprietary “one way” valve with one that can be refilled.

      Hope this helps.

      • Wrong, the source of the gas is important. This is because compressors use oil based lubricants that must be filtered out for the product to be deemed food grade. Oxygen tanks used by welders may not be the same purity as oxygen used by diving shops and definitely not by hospitals. If however there are few local main distributors of CO2 in your area, then even paintball shops may be getting food grade gas which are used by restaurants for their soda machines. safer to ask.

  9. O! Thank you so much for your review…wanted to get my daughter (Senior year college) a fun gift, but now realize, that the sheer up-keeping cost would be a burdon on her budget….Thank again for easing our pain.

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