Today’s deal is for all our gamer fans out there! Right now, Best Buy has Sleeping Dogs for Xbox 360 for only $40, which is down from its OG price of $59.99! The Square Enix game is was released in early August and is a favorite among Action & Adventure game fans.

Rated M, the game has you traveling to the Far East to Hong Kong, as you play undercover cop Wei Shen that has to save the busy streets from one of the most brutal and deadly criminal organizations in the world — the Triads. As Shen, you must infiltrate the Triads by taking them down from the inside…and it’s not going to be an easy task! To do so, you have to participate in loads of criminal activities to protect your cover, as you risk everything to make sure your dangerous investigation is successful!

Sleeping Dogs features tons of action filled with martial arts, adrenaline-pumping gunfights and vicious takedowns. The storyline is mature and gritty, and puts you deep into a tension-filled world where every action puts your cover at risk. As Shen, you’ll explore the underbelly of Hong Kong, enter illegal races, gamble on cockfights or relax with some karaoke

Cool features include” working your way up the organization by performing vicious criminal actions to prove your worth — without blowing your cover; leave the Octagon and take the fight to the streets of Hong Kong to battle the Triads with increased grappling and throwing damage, and unleash the signature Superman Punch to decimate your enemies; and explore the various districts of the city during your investigation while doing some illegal things.


Kristie Bertucci

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