Attention all those in need of a new phone! Amazon Wireless has the new Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone, Blue 16GB for Verizon Wireless for only $150 with two-year contract! Plus, you’ll get free two-day shipping! The phone is in blue and is the 16GB version. The smartphone allows you to interact and experience more and the best part is that it’s all powered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network!

The Galaxy smartphone has a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and it’s all packaged into a s sleek, slim and lightweight design with an ergonomic grip, smooth lines and gentle curves, making it a beauty to behold. Powering it is a 5 GHz dual-core processor and 2 GB of RAM allows seamless multitasking without delay.

The phone also allows you to share info a lot smarter via its S Beam technology. What it does is shares files like photos, videos and more between two Galaxy S III devices by simply touching the backs together to “Beam” content from one device to the other. How cool is that, right?! Plus, it also has motion gestures integrated into it so you can interact with your phone in ways you never thought possible! Shake the device to refresh, turn it over to mute the ring during a meeting, or swipe to capture a screenshot. If you need to call someone you’re already texting, simply raise the phone to your head and the device will dial. S Voice will also act as your personal assistant and help you do things via the sound of your voice!

Kristie Bertucci

Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.