Porsche debuted its Panamera Sport Turismo Wagon Concept but it’ll soon be hitting dealership in a couple of years. It features a clean, sexy design that’s ten times better than the current Panamera, incorporating 911-style taillights connected with a horizontal bar like on the new Carrera 4. It also has a sculpted and more muscular fascia.

Some of the concept’s details that probably won’t make it to the production version are the flush door handles and the bullet cameras in place of side mirrors. But Porsche does continue its participation in the industry-wide green and conscious Sport Turismo that has a plug-in hybrid-electric powertrain called the e-hybrid” system. It’s an evolution of the hybrid setup in the Cayenne and Panamera, with the new concept getting an all-electric range of more than 18 miles and an electric top speed of 81 mph. The Sport Turismo’s battery pack consists of lithium-ion cells, and the electric motor has been upgraded from 46 hp to 95 hp. 


Kristie Bertucci

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