Despite our sound good judgement, multiple doses of skepticm, and a spider sense that is tingling as if it were our funny bone, we’re still going to tell you about the Popinator.

First off, if we haven’t already alluded to this enough, we’re assuming this is a joke, or a spoof to drum up awareness about Popcorn Indiana, the behind it.  Nevertheless, the video makes for a compelling case, but we just can’t see the Popinator reaching production.  So what is it?

A popcorn dispensing machine.  It fires one popped kernel at a time and you, the receipent, must catch it with your mouth.  Needless to say, it draws on the childhood practice of tossing mouth sized items up in the air and catching them with your gobbler.  Arguably it makes food taste better, and might even stave off obesity much in the same way as the slow eating movement.

The Popinator uses some sort of air gun like mechanism that raises from the machine’s top to fire the popcorn.  Believable?  Yes.  But what we’re not sold on is that it can detect your location, or in this case, your mouth within the confines of a room.  Saying the word “pop” initiates the gun like mechanism, where upon the turret rotate emerges and fire offs a single kernel.

No word on when or how much, but given that there isn’t a link on their site, we’re again gonna go ahead and call “vaporware” until we hear otherwise.

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."