iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 (comparison)

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

45 Comments to iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 (comparison)

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  2. Alot of the back and forth is just silly. Any tests I have seen (you tube, Cnet, PCmag etc) that shows comparisons in speed when it comes to the Iphone 5 or S3 are slight at best. I have yet to see a side by side where it took someone more then a second to pull up a page compared to the other. I have seen both beat the other. (maybe a 1/2 a sec at best, if that) They are both fast. When using my upgrade I was looking at things that matter to me. (If a milisec matters to you then whatever) I like that the Iphone 5 screen gets a little bit brighter in sunlight. I like how sturdy it feels. I like that Apple updates the past Iphone’s (which to me means they will continue to update my I phone5, something that they stopped doing with my older Samsung phone). The Iphone’s are reliable, less freeze screen, phone shutting off etc. All things I experienced with my old Samsung phone. I still almost picked the s3 but only because of the screen size. I say pick the phone the way you will use the phone, but the post saying that the Iphone or S3 is way more powerful the the other?! You my friends are being ridiculous.

    • What is even stranger is that the S3 won the head to head and people are still complaining that it didnt win by a larger margin… i mean really??

  3. ios is better because there are more apps made for them than android…n also almost all apps r designed for ios first then android… most of the android user never buy apps, game things ..thats the reason i think n also ios is the easiest to use..n apple use best quality of materials..

  4. Remember, it is apple that is making the money in the industry – and there is a very good reason for that: they deliver more value to the customers which makes them willing to pay the premium price…

  5. Hey SG3, what’s that in your rear view mirror? Oh, it’s just the iPhone 5 riding its peddle
    bike trying to pull a trailer load of iSheep that just won’t get off the wagon
    and move to greener pastures

  6. im just going to focus on those last two sentences.. apple holds 30% of the smart phone market and android holds 50%. you literally just compared a phone to an operating system. think about that. its back to comparing macs to windows again. android is on hundreds if not thousands of products. ive been looking at plenty of iphone comparisons, and they compare only the phones.. and wonder why people buy apple products. that is half, if not less than half there is to an iphone. apple does nothing but try to integrate between all devices seamlessly and the operating system is almost always going to be the most important part of the phone. and with a larger user base there will always be more support. sure, there are a couple things that are on android that would be nice to see on the iphone (maybe), but its NOT the same. its the features iphones have more than anything. (if samsung didnt already steal them)

  7. Regarding battery life, note that it’s incredibly easy to get an insanely good third-party extended battery on amazon for the s3 (obviously not possible for the iphone)…the battery is 4200 mah made by Hyperion, and you can buy it together with a new back and protective case all for $30.

  8. I love how all the categories are weighed the same – oh, GS3 has access to T-Mobile, so +1 for GS3? LOL, who CARES about crummy providers like TM? You weigh that the same as which has a more powerful processor? Lame

  9. absolute rubbish. i stopped reading from this line on: ”
    Winner: iPhone 4S, because Android 4.1 isn’t as good as iOS 5, let alone iOS 6.”

  10. You are a biased writer. Without bias itd obvious the iphone 5 is inferior with comparison. Apple lemmings such as yourself are butt hurt because you are all in denial thay apple is sticking their stick up your behinds with this product and you are merely asking :with lube or without”

  11. Shannon Doak

    James could you explain a little more about how iOS is better? This section lacks any real hard evidence and sounds just like your opinion. I have used both OS’s and I prefer the functionality of Android over the locked nature of iOS. Also feature wise iOS is just now offering things Android had many versions ago. So some real data to back up your claims would be good and make you sound less like a fanboy.

  12. iClones will always flock to iPhones. I’m currently on the iPhone 4. When my renewal comes up in spring, I’m done with apple. Only thing I like about the iPhone is the app selection (which will come on android) and the fact that I can JB it to do what I want. Well, the app store and the developers that made the apps are the only reason that apple has a product. The app store used to be a joke. Since apple continually stomps the profit out of these developers, I’m sure they’ll look to jump ship. I don’t need to JB the GS3. What’s left? Apple is a fad and the ‘cool’ thing. Now that the ‘cool’ Jobs is dead and all that’s left is the corporate losers, is it even ‘cool’ anymore?

  13. Actually the American Galaxy S3 uses the snapdragon for which in fact is an A6 hybrid so your statement is partially false.As far as raw processing they will be neck and neck

  14. I love my GS3 and has never been impressed with the IPhone, but it’s truly up to the individual user to discover which phone suits their needs.

  15. Whilst I think the comparison is decent and not necessarily biased I can’t agree with the S3 being an overall better device. I work in a corporate organisation that currently deploys S3’s and iPhone 4s’s to our corporate internal customers.

    The Galaxy S3 may be a good toy for us geeks but its not the phone of choice for every day consumers.

    Whilst the S3 is a pretty phone with beefy specs lets be honest here – its plastic, it feels weird to hold in the hand and is a nightmare to set up for users who have no idea what they are doing.

    The iPhone has always felt natural – it mimics natural gestures and doesn’t take long to master. I find the S3 doesn’t offer the same usability and it makes training difficult for end users in my job. The operating system on the S3’s is just too complicated, it doesn’t flow and many times users have had difficulty deleting something as simple as an app.

    I still think the iPhone is a better product – I have one of each for work and I will always prefer the iPhone for its ease of use and stability in business and in leisure.

    • What the heck? Just because iPhone is suitable for the technically challenged, it is the better phone? So, if I started using my calculator to do simple sums that my son can do in his brain, I am better?

      • a good device should be easy enough for anyone to use. why does it have to be riddled with obstacles to perform simple tasks? the iPhones wins in this department because it mimics natural gestures and gets the job done. Your technical ability should have nothing to do with the phone!!!!

        • Shannon Doak

          Not really, when on my iOS device when I am looking at a website that is blocked (i live in China) it takes me 6 steps to turn on my VPN and then 3 steps to get back to my browser. On my Android because I can set it up the way I want it takes me 3 steps to turn on my VPN an 1 to get back to my bowser. So your saying the phone that takes 9 steps as opposed to 4 is more natural? What is most natural is a phone that allows the end user the freedom to choose how they use it, not force everyone to do it the same way.

  16. I’ll just rehash what others are saying. SIII wins hands down and its not even close. Screen is tie? Iphone 5 camera wins out????? IOS(for dummies) beats out Android??? You have got to be mentally retarded to believe those three things? It’s sad, because some unsuspecting buyer will come accross this review and buy an iphone 5 and not have a clue that they are sacrificing so much..

  17. Obviously biased to apple if they win the OS contest; must have had someone bug him to make the s3 win, pretending to be balanced for the obvious only.. 8 megapixel camera on the s3 with instant shutter, hdr, panorama, and countless add-ons and editing tools; more than i’ve ever seen or could possibly dream of. The iOS is better than Android 4.1? Wtf? Let’s talk about NO widgets, NO customization, NO home screen, only staring at boring icons like a permanent app drawer. Who doesn’t like having a customized background and widgets? Processor? Wtf? S3 is also a quad core, you can’t compare just one spec of the cpu’s.

    • you do know that the iPhone5 outperforms the S3 in todays benchmarks right? iOS is designed for the iPhone. Android is designed universally for more than just Sammy phones. iOS is simple and straight to the point. If someone wants to tinker around they can buy a computer not an S3.

    • Strange to me that someone would use Widgets, Customization, and the Home Screen to push the point that the s3 is better the the Iphone5. My old phone had widgets, customization, but after a while I want performance. It would be nice I guess to have a little more custimization…. but it is no way a game changer.

  18. I don’t think it’s been confirmed that the iPhone 5 is using A15’s yet. And even if it is, and they are “25-40% faster than all Cortex A9’s”, that would STILL leave the dual core iPhone 5 considerably weaker than the Quad core Galaxy S3.

  19. This is why no one respcts your BS article…. See your article. ios is behind the times static icons. The customizable widgets on android allows you to glance at your phones lock screen and gather information. 4.1 trumps ios with Google now. Sur ios is the os for the technologically challanged, but for advanced users and early adopters what is offered in ios 6 is still stuck in 2007. Now apple is starting to cherry pick certain features from android. Actually thats all this releas was iphone playing android catch up not revolutionizing the industry again. Its obvious Jobs is gone because loom how stale the device is becoming.

    • android produces a phone like every two weeks… of course iphone would be playing “catchup” with all the phones droids make that are supposed to be better than iphone, they all break down after some time so they make newer phones. iphone is by far the most reliable phone and they can afford to make one once a year as opposed to one every 2 weeks.. iphones much more reliable

      • Your in so much denial its hilarious. Reliable? Look at drop tests and see what stays useable. Os reliability is no question since ics

        • Lets take a look back between a comparison in my household, i own a galaxy S2, and my gf owns an iphone 4s, similar phones if your comparing the S3 with the IP5. Her phone has since been proven to be much slower than mine, the home button has more or less stopped responding, and with the smaller screen its harder to view things, and thats not including the recent loss of google to apple, and other OS custom related things. Now don’t get me wrong I personally have no issue with apple products, I own a mac as well as a pc and I honestly prefer any music player even my own phones to an ipod just for simplicity and battery life, (Which I honestly think the phones is slightly better over the S2s) but when you look at the amount of companies that are making android phones, sure, Apple is one company, with a MASSIVE amount of time to put into designing their single phone, and this is what they come up with? the iphone 5 or should i say the iphone4.3S? This shouldn’t be considered a new model rather a stepping stone up towards an IP5, steps like this should have been made AGES ago, and atop of the only having a dual core in it? Sure its “Supported” whiten the Ios so it would respond faster but a quad-core just has more power, And as a final note on durability, look at how many people have to go to the apple store to get repairs on broken screens?, Ive dropped mine out of my pocket onto pavement while riding my bike and it only dented in a corner slightly, and besides if your that worried about your phone becoming broken, just go buy a case.

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