Gimme a beat! No? How about a nice guitar riff or some good ‘ol southern “twang”?  You know it could be argued that the much maligned genre of music that is hip hop has had more than a passing influence on the current state of personal audio solutions. Many and more companies have fine tuned their warez to take advantage of the many drum kit sounds in hip hop music, which often comes in the form of cymbals, thumping bass, hi hat, snare and the like. Sure rock, jazz and disco have and continue to make use of these drum kits sounds as well. But we’re speaking as the genre pertains to contemporary R&D influences.

California Headphones is going against the grain to offer audio technology more suited to music made from acoustic instruments. Yes, fans of Rock, Country and Indie music now have an entire company devoted to optimizing personal audio products with such music in mind. Their first offerings, fresh out of a successful Kickstarter oven,  are the over-ear Laredo and Silverado headphone sets. The metal and leather construction used in these new cans,  offers a more retro styling. California Headphones promises that each is “acoustically tuned for a live concert-like audio experience, and are specifically designed to enhance the sounds of rock, country and alternative music genres.”

With that said, we should expect vocals and instruments sounds to sing through with enhanced clarity. But only time will tell…or maybe our review will. Expect that in a week, give or take. Until then here is the original video feature headphone designer David of California Headphones

For more info on the Laredo and Silverado over-ear headphones, visit the official California Headphones website.

Shawn Sanders

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