Airbus is what the industry commonly refers to as a game changer.  Take for instance the Airbus A380.  It’s an astounding piece of engineering, especially when taking into account the planes shear size and weight.  That in mind, the year is only 2012. So what will Airbus be cooking up 38 years from now?  Glad you asked, because we’re about to tell you.

Airbus envisions aircrafts that are launched through assisted take off.  Not only does this cut down on harmful CO2, but also significantly reduces noise pollution, often one of the most annoying aspects of a near by airport.  A vast amount of power is needed to accomplish this feat, but the additional upside is an airport with a smaller footprint since long take off run ways are no longer necessary (planes will still need to land, though).   Once in flight much less energy is needed for cruising. As a result the engines smaller, and the planes lighter, resulting in additional fuel savings and ultimately a more eco friendly approach.

But that’s not the only eco approach Airbus envisions.  For more info checkout their Innovations website.

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Christen Costa

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