Asus P9X79 Pro Motherboard Review

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3 Comments to Asus P9X79 Pro Motherboard Review

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  2. It sounds like this “reviewer” has none of the credentials or knowledge necessary to write as a reviewer of a product like this. His “review” consists of an almost picturesque version of an ad man’s brochure.

    ASUS has been the top dog in the realm of PC components for a long time
    now, and it doesn’t take a genius to see why, especially when you look
    at their motherboards. Take the P9X79 Pro – when you pull it out of the
    box everything about it just screams “elite”. Just look at the huge
    heat sinks on this bad boy – it easily looks like it should belong in
    the upper echelon of mobos.

    Implying that LOOKS has anything to do with performance is just such a bush league statement. I wonder if this “reviewer” has a clue as to how any of this really works.

    Another statement that just REEKS of technical wizardry (heavy sarcasm) is:

    I was quite impressed with what all the P9X79 Pro was able to do with it.

    What did it do – juggle? Tap dance? OHHHHH – You mean something like RUN PROGRAMS – PLAY GAMES. Not one TECHNCIAL DETAIL – maybe some bus bandwidth specs as measured using state of the art equipment or at least fastest available COTS parts?

    People like this ought to stick with what they know – NOT MUCH.

  3. ASUS “USED TO BE” one of the top tier manufacturers, however, their quality control has hit the skids.

    I had an ASUS Rampage II Extreme with USB that would lose power after just a brief period of time. That meant I lost mouse and keyboard and therefore all control. Sure, a new motherboard from ASUS solved the problem but I essentially lost 2 weeks of time during this process.

    Not deterred, I tried the ASUS Rampage III Extreme motherboard on my next build. Lo and behold, this one did not come out of reset unless I hit the Q_Reset button on the motherboard that temporarily interrupts power to the CPU. I often have to do this 10-50 times before the motherboard will spring to life. So I got in touch with ASUS and had them send out a replacement. THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENS WITH THIS ONE !!! Once it’s booted, it will stay alive for weeks, but getting it booted is a royal pain. I contacted ASUS and they said they would send out another one. I can understand SOME hardware problems, but when they send out one motherboard to replace one you’d think that one would be a KNOWN GOOD BOARD. But NOT WITH ASUS!

    Anyhow, the more I talk to people in the industry the more I hear these tales of ASUS dropping the ball on both QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE. Most people think their customer service department doesn’t even exist!

    So, ASUS – the ride was good while it lasted, but I’m off to another vendor and ASROCK is looking to be pretty good right about now – young, hungry, great products – probably where ASUS was 10 years…

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