Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Barnes & Noble Nook HD

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Kindle Fire HD vs Nook HD
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13 Comments to Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Barnes & Noble Nook HD

  1. abstrctartluver

    hey im 13 n i kinda sorta dont know if i should choose between the fire hd or the nook hd. i wanna get one of the above based on reading and fun apps…. not really internet use( apps should be for a good and low price) i travel abroad and since i dont actually live in the us as of now, i cant really rely on wht u guys r relying on. just visiting my parents and they asked me to pick something i wanted for not more than 250 bucks. what should i do???

    • abstrctartluver, I decided to go with the kindle . I am very happy with it. its great for reading, has a better library with tons of free books (especially if you have prime), and a better appstore.

  2. I looked at the devices and after my evaluation and consideration I purchased the new Kindle Fire HD.. In doing the product analysis I considered as many features as I thought that mattered to me. I would suspect no one could determine the differences in how both the Nook and Kindle display text, I consider that analysis bogus.

    Calling the Nook a better device is a over statement .Oh by the way no mention of the Dolby stereo speakers? No the fact that the wifi on the Kindle isn’t just better it is superior.

    Any analysis that fails to consider what is most important and what is least important is not useful.

    Sorry I don’t think this comparative article is useful. BTW lets see if B&N is around 12 -14 months from now, unless they find someone with deep pockets or buy the name.

    • James Pikover

      You decided to buy the Fire HD after looking at both, even though the Nook HD was only just announced? Somehow I don’t believe that. Plus the pretty excessive errors.

      However, this was a test of devices, not services. The device? Clearly better. The points you make about Wi-Fi, speakers…they’re not crucial. Both have stereo speakers (dolby vs stereo? That’s not a pertinent argument when most people just want something better than a rear speaker), they both have Wi-Fi (most people just want it to work; they don’t care what network they’re on, and range is almost never a question). The most important thing for this comparison is which device is better.

      And frankly, until we’ve got both in hand, the Nook HD appears to be the better device. Faster processor, better storage options, friendlier OS. If you want access to Prime, then yes, go with the Kindle Fire HD. If you have your own media, then go with the Nook HD. As much as we say that one is better, ultimately personal preference and how you use the device is the most important thing, and that has been addressed. So as long as you read and don’t just comment, we should all be okay.

      • I did fail to mention the that the unique charger connector on the Nook HD was for me was a factor, the micro usb connector on the Kindle is a plus from a Hardware perspective.

        These devices are for many secondary, travel etc. The differences among all are to an extent marginal. We have evolved to the point where these are all inexpensive commodities and sort of Swiss Army Knives.

        Your last line about as long as I read and don’t comment was quaint!

        BTW these small devices are primarily vessels for delivering content and from a Hardware Perspective with the differences also as noted above marginal. My quick analysis in my purchase decision could not separate the consideration of the content from the Hardware but just to be complete do not care about the OS or what version of Android is utilized.

  3. I am a huge fan of Amazon, but I’m disappointed with the new Kindle Fire HD’s. Who is their creative team behind designing this hardware? They need kick them out and bring in someone, that can make a better device that is more appealing. Barnes and Noble is not a technology company, yet they are able to understand this. Why is that weird??

    On the other hand, Amazon’s new Paperwhite e-reader is gorgeous. I can’t wait for mine to come in the mail!

    I am actually going to get the Asus Transformer Prime Infinity and I’m getting my partner the new Ipad. Both us will have to quality tablets that can do many things, the HD and Nook cannot do.

    I hope I can still access Amazon’s prime video on the Infinity, does anybody know?

    • James Pikover

      The Transformer Prime Infinity is an excellent choice (you must’ve just read my review). It’s gorgeous. But unfortunately any Android 4.0 device won’t work with Amazon Prime because there’s no app and they don’t support flash. So we’re all out of luck on that front.

      And last I checked on Android 2.3 devices (which are getting harder to come by, or Android 3.x for tablets), they don’t work either because Amazon requires a flash update that just isn’t available. I used to watch a ton of Prime content on phones and tablets, and even used it for testing Wi-Fi, streaming, video, and processing quality. No more, I suppose.

      • kristi daniel

        do you guys know if either device has an option to download an app that has flash built in like you can with the ipad? if so it would be totally worth it. Also do both tablets offer Netflix and cracle? thanks

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