Right now, you can get Able Planet NC510B Sound Clarity Around-the-Ear ANC Headphones for only $50, down from their already on-sale price of $149.99! Just use the code: IHEART100 to get the discount! Plus, you’ll also receive free shipping with your order of the headphones.

The around-the-ear Active Noise Cancelling headphones feature extra soft cushions for maximum comfort so that you can wear them at hours of time without any discomfort. The adjustable, padded headband offers a snug fit for practically any head size, while swivel earcups with thick around-ear cushions provide lasting comfort and natural noise isolation. Plus, headphone’s Active noise canceling technology is also built-in to significantly reduce the impact of unwanted environmental noise. And if the batteries die, they can also operate in passive mode without cancellation.

They also provide users with award-winning sound quality and effective noise cancellation in a compact and comfortable package. The headphones feature patented LINX audio technology, which provides maximum clarity while reducing distortion, filtering unwanted sound, and restricting electromagnetic interference.

Kristie Bertucci

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