We all like to look good! Accessorizing is part of the human condition. Although, some horribly attired household pets may have more colorful things to say on the matter. It is what we do and peripheral companies are right there to feed the need to flaunt our individual style–even if it flies in the face of function.

Us+U is a mobile accessory company with a different “spin” on things. The Swivel Profolio is a protective case for iPad. It offers ample protection in a debonair portfolio style design. But the best part is the adjustable hand strap and its handy swivel mechanism for 360 degree rotation. It makes the Swivel Profolio an essential and elegant tool for fast-paced work environments.

The Swivel Profolio comes is a simple and modest cardboard packaging. The model sent to us fits iPad 2 and 3 (original iPad models available too). The iPad slips in along the inner binding and is held in place with a Velcro seal. There is a wide deep pocket on the outside front of the Profolio. Here you can easily store a few essential documents, business cards, pamphlets, extra writing utensils and the like. There is also a single elastic loop for an iPad-friendly stylus or pen to dwell. The main front and spine is all distinguished textured black. The back is a sturdier and padded faux black leather. The interior of both sides is made from a velvety suede-like material. The case is carved for all the proper access points: bottom opening for the power cable, sides for volume control, top right for audio ports and power and the camera is given adequate berth for pictures.

Now open it up and fold the front panel back for access to the hand strap. Slip it over your hand and secure the iPad with the attached elastic corner straps. After I checked the strap for security, reduced slippage and avoidance of heartbreak and tears, I felt ready for business. The swivel mechanism is perfect for iPad. It permits easy adjustment and is great for presenting onscreen content to a small group, client or even a kindergarten class. The swivel shows ample rigidity while remaining easy to turn when shifting from portrait to landscape viewing.

When it’s time to take things slow and lounge back, flip out the Swivel Profolio’s magnetically attached kickstand. Now read books, browse the internet or watch movies at a more comfortable viewing angle. The kickstand rests flush against the case and remains completely out of the way when not in use.

Close it all up–all of a sudden your iPad feels less like a delicate Princess and more like an athlete of business. It’s suited up and ready to face the opposition in portfolio form. It make your iPad feel like a handy and comfortable-to-tote notebook or organizer. It’s stylish, comfortable and helps productivity. Plus it offers more protection than many of the less business-minded iPad cases.

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Rating: ★★★★½


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4.5/ 5.0
I love the Swivel Profolio for iPad. It is about bucks overpriced.


  • Enhances productivity
  • Looks great
  • Swivel is smart and handy
  • Kickstand is more of the same^


  • About $20 overpriced

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