A day before Mathu Rajan announces this at IFA, we here at Gadget Review come up with the inside scoop.  Just like I predicted the other day, my source came through with reliable intel.  I might not speak for everyone here, but I know I am incredibly stoked at what this announcement means for the tech world.  From the moment I saw this tech and how it performed I started thinking that it could very well be the next revolution in the realm of television viewing, and announcements like this just serve to cement my beliefs.  My only concern is how affordable the tech will be for the average consumer – I mean a decent sized “with glasses” 3D television still costs a pretty penny.

Even more important than the announcement of the 4k by 2k TV though, is the announcement that they plan on bringing this technology to other mediums after the televisions are out.  Laptops I think were a given, but I surely didn’t expect tablets to be on their “to do” list.  We’ve seen glasses free 3D enabled cell phones as well, but with the ones that are out now it felt gimmicky – here’s hoping these guys can change all that.  While we here at Gadget Review have seen the prototype unit and been impressed with it, we are still anxiously waiting to see a consumer ready version.  We also can not wait to get our grubby little hands on a SeeCube so we can plug our own content into it rather than just watching prepared footage – I’m drooling over the thought of Battlefield 3 in 3D.

You can read the full press release below, but just know we are going to be following all of this very closely




Ultra-D™ rocks the tech world at IFA, Berlin with the most
advanced 3D Without Glasses Televisions in the world

Stream TV Networks is making its biggest announcement yet at the IFA 2012
show at Berlin – 2160p 3D without Glasses – dubbed “Ultra-D™ 2160p”.

Current 4kx2kTV’s and 4kx2k devices are not able to utilize the full benefit of these 4kx2k panels as
there is no native 4K content available for consumer use. Most companies try to use scalers which
only give incremental resolution improvement. Ultra-D™ has developed a ground breaking algorithm
which adds resolution data to existing content to deliver more than 1080p all the way up to 2160p. All
existing content regardless of resolution can now be viewed in a resolution greater than 1080p and in
some cases even 2160p. The Ultra-D™ 2160 3D without glasses Television allows the viewer to enjoy full
resolution of this content with greater clarity and resolution that otherwise not possible.

Ultra-D™ uses the disparity between images to produce a higher resolution output than the source. This
allows for stunning 3D without any viewing angles, distortion or other artifacts and Ultra-D™ allows the
viewer to see this image in 3D without glasses. The source content can be any that consumers use in
their daily lives – Cable, Satellite, Blu-ray®, Xbox®, iTunes®, Apple TV®, Google TV®, YouTube®, Netflix®,
etc. Ultra-D™ 2160p transforms nearly any source content into 2160p 3D without glasses in real-time.

The Ultra-D™ 2160p makes 3D without glasses finally far ahead of 2D and 3D with glasses devices in
terms of high resolution content.

The first Ultra-D products being rolled out are Ultra-D 42-inch and 46-inch 1080p LED 3D without glasses
Televisions bundled with the auto converter SeeCube™. These will be followed by the Ultra-D™ 2160p
60 inch LED TVs bundled with the Super SeeCube™. The Ultra-D™ Tablets, Smartphones, All-in-One PC’s
and Laptops would be rolled out subsequently. These devices will play the 3D without Glasses Ultra-D
2160p content.

Stream TV also proposed a new standard for 2160p content to address the lack of 4K content. Stream
TV will have available the SeeCube Mass Server to allow content TV stations, Movie studio, Game
producers to mass produce and rapidly deploy 4k content.