These days, we’re all tightening the good old purse strings. If we’re not making our kids lick their plates clean, we’re buying the store brand ketchup, which mind you never tastes the same as Heinz despite sporting the same ingredients. Basically, we’re doing our best to mitigate waste or frivolous spending.

And nothing says “save” like squeezing the last drop out of your toothpaste container. However, it’s usually a painful process, both physically and mentally, especially since you know all the might and dexterity in the world will never truly squeeze the last drop from the Colgate container’s clutches. And while the Tube Squeezing Toothbrush is a good resolve, we’re gonna proclaim the Metal Tube Wringer the answer to this conundrum. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a new invention. In fact, it seems to be derived from paint tube wringer.

Apparently, you’ll be able to garner 35% more toothpaste than you would without one of these. ¬†All you need to do is secure the tube around the metal rollers and turn the handle. ¬†Presto, toothpaste will ooze out.

Nevertheless, Amazon sells it for $19.

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."