The Safe Cig Review

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4 Comments to The Safe Cig Review

  1. As someone who has used Safecigs for several years, I need to take the liberty of correcting one glaring error in an otherwise great article, mainly in order to prevent great disappointment to users who plan to travel:
    Be aware that E-Cigs are NOT PERMITTED ON AIRCRAFT. I have even asked a couple of flight attendants – they are considered “incendiary devices”. Ridiculous, but there you are. But just between us – the smoke detectors in the lavatories do not pick up the vapors, so if you really can’t survive the flight without a few puffs, you know where to go… Ssshhh!

  2. I agree with Jan. Batteries have been out of stock for weeks and now all flavors except regular are out of stock. This is indicative of a much worse supply chain issue. I am leaving them.
    Jan, what are the “compatible” cartridges and batteries you used? You can use them with existing safe cig equipment? That would be nice as I feel I wasted $135 in their starter kit.

    • Did you get a response to a comparable atomizers for safe cig batteries? I have well over a grand invested in batteries.

  3. I have been using SafeCig for two years. At first I was thrilled – I quit
    smoking after 35 years with the first puff of my SafeCig. After two years of out
    of stock products and shoddy customer service, I have left SafeCig and will not
    go back. The fact that they regularly run out of a product that people are
    addicted to is inexcusable. If they are in the ecig business, they have to
    understand this and do more to keep their products in stock. Customer Service’s
    standard line of “we expect more to be in stock in a few days” never plays out –
    it is sometimes weeks before they get items back in stock. I had to go to
    another company to get compatible cartridges in the strength and flavor I wanted
    and I also got compatible batteries – all for a MUCH lower price than SafeCig.
    They have lost a customer, which is something no company can afford in this day
    and age.

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