As a smoker for the past eighteen or so years, I’ve often wanted to quit but just couldn’t bring myself to finally do it.  There has been a number of contributing factors to my desire, and not just the health benefits.  For one, the cost of cigarettes has become so astronomical that you almost have to have a second job just to afford them since politicians started looking at smokers as just another source of revenue.  Another reason is because of all the restrictions on where you can and can not smoke anymore.  Neither of these things have yet to hit the world of electronic cigarettes yet.  You can pull one out in a store, on a plane, or pretty much anywhere you desire to take care of any nicotine cravings; and they’re not taxed all to hell and back yet.  So when I was offered the chance to try out the Safe Cig, I jumped at the opportunity.

The first thing that stood out to me when opening the box I got in was just how minimalistic the product packaging for the Safe Cig is.  Nothing overly huge or flashy, nothing but a clean, classy looking package.  It really stood out to me as a sign of professionalism, and a sign that they were sure the merits of the Safe Cig itself would be enough to sell it – they didn’t need any gimmicks.  Once you got through the shrink wrap and opened the box, they showed that they were in the same mindset of a first time electronic cigarette user (namely, me) by having an easy to follow guide that begins “Start Here”.  It made the whole experience just that much better, because I didn’t have to try and figure out any sort of confusing instruction booklet.

I’ve heard friends complain that on the electronic cigarettes they us, you have to “prime” them before you can enjoy the nicotine and flavor.  This is apparently done by taking a few “dry” drags until the battery kicks in – however I wouldn’t know for sure because with the Safe Cig the first drag was always as good as the last.  Maybe the batteries here are just that much better than the competition, or maybe they understand how to work the tech better – the fact remains though that you do not have to prime the Safe Cig at all.  Just screw in the flavor you want and go.  They say the batteries last between 4 – 6 hours per charge, and I think my average was right around 5.25 hours, so definitely right in the range it should be.  Really though, if you just charge it at night when yo sleep I think that yo won’t have a problem throughout the day (unless you smoke two or more packs daily normally).

The look of the Safe Cig is REALLY great if you want to mess with people.  The devil inside me can not wait until I’m on my next plane trip and whip it out – it looks exactly like a normal cigarette.  They even have the white flecks in the orange part of the “filter” to complete the look.  I got quite a few sidelong glares in the grocery store because of it (and had to explain myself more than once).  In terms of flavor, it really can’t be beat.  Now I don’t mean flavors like chocolate or anything like that – even though those flavors are still technically legal for electronic cigarettes (the FDA banned flavored tobacco a few years ago in case you didn’t know), Safe Cig chose to do the responsible thing and not go that route.  At least they won’t have to change anything if and when regulations on those things do apply to electronic cigarettes.  As it stands though, you do have a number of “flavor” options based on what kind of tobacco you prefer to smoke.  On top of that, you can choose your nicotine level if you are trying to quit – something I found very helpful indeed.  I tried patches and pills before to quit but nothing ever worked – but I think this really could.  I’ve been able to step down the strength of the end pieces that I’m using, and haven’t noticed any negative side effects yet, so I’m actually hopeful about it.

When all is said and done, I have no problem recommending the Safe Cig to anyone who is considering using an electronic cigarette.  From the clean looks of the packaging to the realistic look of the Safe Cig itself, you feel like you are using something really special from the moment you pick it up.  I personally haven’t tried any other electronic cigarettes, but as I said earlier I have friends who have.  When I let them use the Safe Cig though, they were unanimously in agreement that it was leaps and bounds better than the ones they were currently using leading more than one to go right out and order their own starter kit.  To have that kind of an impact on lifelong smokers, you know the product has to be good.

Editor’s Rating:

Rating: ★★★★★


Bottom Line:  It doesn’t matter if you are a die hard smoker looking for a healthier way to get nicotine, or someone who has exhausted other options for quitting, or even someone who just casually likes to light up – picking up the Safe Cig is quite possibly the best thing you could do for yourself.


  • Extremely professional design and packaging sets it apart from competitors
  • The flavors are absolutely perfect
  • No need to prime the battery before you can enjoy the vapor


  • Your friends that smoke will try to bum it off of you

You can get the Safe Cig Starter Kit from their website store for $69.95 for the basic (reviewed) version