I’m curious. Has the dust settled from the great “Tablet-Laptop” wars of the 21st century? I guess it matters little. Either could claim “Veni Vidi…” and quite nearly “vici!” Each saw, came and nearly conquered, only to talk things out diplomatically like adults. The resulting peace treaty is a litany of each lovingly embracing the strengths of the other.  “Oh your screen is so capacitive.” and “Oh, I just love what you’ve done with that keyboard.” Stuff like that!

Samsung is the latest mobile computing-smith to blend some of the best aspects of both laptop computing and touchscreen tablets. It’s their Samsung Slate PC line. Announced today at IFA in Berlin, the Slate PC solutions will feature a quartet of products, all running Microsoft’s in-bound Windows 8 operating software. Each Samsung Slate PC will sport capacitive 10-point multi-touch displays, detachable keyboard (optional on Series 5 ULTRA) and a host of pre-loaded software to make it sing. Standout extras include a single-click keboard docking mechanism and a Samsung S Pen is cleverly hidden in a slot on the device (exclusive to Series 5 and Series 7).

Make love not war. Blend features. Give customers freedom to decide how to compute. It’s the new world order of hippie-tech. Samsung and several others are just getting started.

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Shawn Sanders

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