Rhino Slider: the Portable Dolly System for Snow, Mud, and Car Shots (video)

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Rhino Slider

Sure, achieving cinematic blissful shots takes more than a tripod, and the right gear, but it most certainly helps.  That being said, commercials, video, and movies are far more engrossing when the camera pans along with its subjects as they move through the scene.   And while we loved the Cineskates, they’re unfortunately not all that practical in snow, or really any uneven surface.  Enter the Rhino Slider.

The Rhino Slider is effectively a mini dolly.  But unlike traditional dollies, which require a track, everything is built-in to the Rhino Slider.  You simply need to mount, or place the two bars (the track) across the surface you plan to shoot from.  And as you capture the shot you slowly pull the camera from left to right, or right to left.  Everything is mounted upon a plate that is supported with 12 bearings inside of 6 self lubricating rollers, so there is little friction to cause shaking and ultimately an unsteady shot.  A set of all terrain legs allow you to lock it into a variety of places, such as a tree branch, while a set of folding rubber feet mean you can place it on a wide variety of surfaces.  Also included are 2 mounting screws: a standard 3/8″ for mounting a ball or fluid head, and a 1/4-20 if you’re mounting your GoPro, iPhone, or your camera directly on the system.  For additional control, and what will surely result in a more steady and consistent shot, they’ve developed a Slider Pulley, which is a rope like system to pull the camera mount across the two horizontal bars.  They say they have plans to develop a motored version of this last feature, which will be controlled via your smartphone.

Three versions will be available, with each version being more robust than the next; it can hold more camera gear (as in weight).  The Rhino Slider is a Kickstarter project.  They’ve already exceeded their funding goal in no time flat.  The entry price is $325, though just one of those are available.  After that it will cost you $350.

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