Who hasn’t been there before – you’re camping or hosting a party (or really any event), and you need a way to move a keg and keep it cold.  Normally you’ll get a dolly to move it around, and drop it into a tote packed with ice.  Not the most elegant solution, surely – but what else can you do?  Yes, there are a few other options out there, but they are so inordinately expensive that they are out of the range of your average everyday person.  Enter the team of Albert, Todd, Mark, and Ray from PortaBeer.com to show everyone how it’s done.  With their new (and fairly revolutionary) PortaKeg, they promise to bring mobile cold beer to the masses.

So what makes the PortaKeg special you ask?  Why is it better than a simple tote packed with ice?  Well for one, the design actually looks pretty cool – definitely not something cheap and home made.  Roll this out at your next BBQ, and you’ll be the talk of the block for a while to come.  Another reason is that everything is self contained – no more forcing people to pump the keg for beer, or wondering how to attack a CO2 canister; the PortaKeg has a spot for a paintball gun sized CO2 tank built right into it, ensuring that you are serving real draft beer wherever your travels take you.  It also has some beefy 12″ foam filled tires, meaning there is practically no place this beauty can not go (note, PortaKeg can not walk on water).  Finally, the PortaKeg is versatile – it can hold kegs of all sizes!  From a half barrel, to both quarter barrel sizes (tall and short), and all the way down to a sixth barre -  the PortaKeg claims to be able to keep any of them cold for 36 hours on only one bag of ice.

Sold yet?  Are you sitting there salivating over the thought of owning one of these kings of the keg?  Well hold on there pally boy!  You see, the PortaKeg is in funding stage right now, meaning they need your help.  Rather than go through KickStarter (because they have been backing off of a lot of hardware projects that are not computer or high tech orientated), the PortaKeg guys chose to bring their project to IndieGoGo (which is basically the same service).  Go there, and you can read the whole story of how the PortaKeg was conceptualized, see photos of early prototypes, and read about the competition they were in with the University of Pittsburgh (yes, these guys are from my back yard).  Not only that, but you can see all the nifty little rewards they have put up, many of which are other products they make at their PortaBeer.com store.

While I myself don’t get real big into the project funding scene (it takes something special to get me writing about a proposed idea), these guys have my full support.  I hope to have a review unit as soon as they can get one to me (who wants to donate a grand to get us a customized GR unit?), but that takes support from people like you – so even if it’s only $5, go click the link, and make this sweet idea a reality!

Product Details:

  • Height: 39″/Faucet Height 35″; Width 26″; Depth: 32″
  • Rough weight with ice and a full keg will be about 205 lbs.
  • Molded ridges firmly secure in any standard sized keg.
  • 12” foam-filled all-terrain wheels
  • Collapsible luggage handle
  • Rotational molded plastic allows for corporate, school, or personal  branding
  • Additional advertising space on the rear for display at beer tastings or sales events