Orbotix Sphero Review

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4 Comments to Orbotix Sphero Review

  1. Thanks Shawn for the review – did you try any of the other apps like Chromo, Etch-O-Matic, MacroLab, Last Fish, Astro Ball? Also there 6 other apps coming out in the next 30 days so stay tune. And as noted in some similarity between apps – we are combining three apps into one based on user feedback. Plus an upcoming FW release will make driving even better. The beauty of Sphero is we can update the product continuously from an app and firmware perspective and improve the user experience. Look more from us in the coming months.

    • Shawn Kline

      I tried all of the free apps (that I was aware of) – let me track down some codes for the others and I’ll update the review. Also, as soon as the FW is updated I will do the same, as the ease of driving is something that is HUGE here :)

    • ShawnKline

      I tried all the free apps that I knew about – let me track down some codes for the others ans I’ll update the review accordingly. Also as soon as the FW is updated I’ll update it as well :)

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