We’ve seen some unbelievable swimming pools in our time.  Don’t believe us?  Just checkout our list of the 16 most amazing pools.  Okay, we haven’t seen them in person, but you catch our drift.

Featured as number 8 was the Nemo 33, a pool which is much more than your average swimming hole.  In fact, the term “pool” hardly does it credit.  In addition to reaching a depth of 108-feet, the Nemo 33 features two plateaus, or swimming areas at a depth of 16-feet and 32-feet.  The 16-foot area boasts a variety of faux caves for exploring, while the entire length contains windows allowing land breathing visitors to view divers.  The water, all 2,500,000 liters of it, is filtered spring water that is kept at a constant temperature of 86 degrees F.  So not only is it the world’s largest bath tub, but you don’t have to worry about the caveats of chlorine, which isn’t good for hair or skin.

The Nemo 33 pool was created by expert diver John Beernaerts.  After three years, and 21 version later this is the result.  It would seem that it’s not only used for

Christen Costa

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