If anyone knows headphones, it’s the folks over at Ultimate Ears, the company that was purchased by Logitech for a cool $60 million.  So suffice to say, they’re doing something right.  That said, the company is largely known for their in ear monitors that they’ve long custom molded from of the world’s top musical acts.  Today, in addition to a variety of speakers, launched an array of headphones, and we had the luxury of getting a hands on with them a few week’s before their release.

Shawn should have a review of the UE 4000s up very soon, but in the mean while you can indulge in UE’s top end wireless headphones with active noise canceling, the UE 9000.  Connectivity comes by way of Bluetooth, so they’re compatible with just about any smartphone, tablet, or portable audio device on the market today.  A rechargeable battery pack provides up to 10 hours of battery life, but in the event that the you forget to juice things up, you can reach for the optional 3.5mm headphone cord and run them in passive mode.  A set of on board controls adjust volume, change tracks, activate an incoming call, or allow you to hear the outside world by hitting the “listen through” button.  40mm drivers hammer out all the audio bliss you could want, and based on our quick hands on a few weeks ago we couldn’t disagree.  And if that isn’t enough to sell you on these $400 headcans, perhaps the memory foam ear cushions and carrying case will push your over the threshold.

Although a review unit has yet to show up at our door, we can say based on our short time with them that they appear to be crafted with exceptional detail.  We’re not crazy for Bluetooth audio since it inevitably diminishes sound quality, but active noise canceling paired with wireless audio is an equation that is just too hard to resist.

If you want to get a hands on, the UE 9000 headphones should show up in Apple stores any day now, if they haven’t already, but for now Logitech sells them direct for $400.  Expect Amazon and other retailers to have them for sale in the coming weeks.  And expect a full review from us around the same time.

Christen Costa

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