An Intel Ultrabook maybe light weight and nimble, but that doesn’t negate power, versatility, and most of all speed.  To prove such a feat, Intel has select four web stars from around the globe to compete in challenges that could net them $10,000 in cash, and a travel experience that they’ll hopefully never forget.

The show, which airs online only, spans across two countries and is very much like the Amazing Race.  Contestant must choose partners, and compete in races and challenges that include their social network.  The more social, the greater the chance that they’ll win.  But to do that they must use an Intel Ultrabook, which isnt’ an ordinary laptop.  Manufactured by Samsung, Acer, and Asus, these laptops are less than .82-inches thick and usually weigh less than 3.3lbs without compromising on battery or performance.  They must also be able to wake from a sleeping state in a matter of seconds, enabling people, or contestants in this case, to get their goals completed without any delay.

Checkout the above video along with Intel’s Ultrabook Facebook page.

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Christen Costa

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