iBike POWERHOUSE iPhone Review

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iBike POWERHOUSE iPhone main shot

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  1. I have just returned my ibike powerhouse unit to apple – given to me as a Christmas present. The problems start as soon as you try to open the package. A flap on the box encourages you to open it there and not where intended. I fitted the all the parts as instructed and then spent three days attempting to get the sensors to work. On the third day I managed to get distance and speed to work but could not get the cadence to function. I checked, double checked and triple checked fitting as shown in the instructions. The instructions suggest one to two coin widths between the magnet and the sensor – an actual measurement would be better as is the case for example with other similar cycling products. The unit is grossly, arguably extortionately, overpriced. For similar parts from a cycle shop you would pay between £15 and £30. Apple claim the app. is free but at £250 for the unit you are paying for the app!

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