And just like that we have another notable company setting out to marry the touch-feely tech world with the enhanced productivity that comes from the clickety-click. HP throws down the gauntlet with their recently announced HP Envy x2 Hybrid PC. It packs the power and convenience of a notebook with the style and touch screen luxury of a tablet.

The ENVY x2 showcases a number of slick features. The display is large 11.6 inches diagonal, it’s encased and finished in aluminum, weighs a measely 3lbs, uses an optimized Windows 8 touch interface and the easy hitch magnet system quickly docks the tablet to the keyboard.

Touchscreen tablets with optional keyboard docking stations are the new “tablet”– literally. The design was arguably made famous by Zagg’s stellar keyboard docking accessory for iPad. Truly a great product. There have been several similar accessory design from many other companys, following Zagg’s.

Only recently have we begun to see actual tablet makers offer the combined units as a single product. The press is still warm on the news from Camp Samsung. Moreover, we just recently took the ambitiously charming yet premature Archos 101 XS for a spin. While some have ironically docked points on the keyboard dock, I found it handy and welcome alternative.

For more on the Envy x2 check the official blog NextBench.

Shawn Sanders

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