Google has really been pushing their self-driving car project, trying to get it up and running. Yesterday, they announced another milestone for the project: that it’s fleet of about a dozen autonomous rides has now driven 300,000 miles without getting into an accident while being under computer control. While Google is excited about this milestone, the company says it still has a long way to go we see its self-driven car on highways since they still need to learn how to handle various environments and unexpected situations like snow-covered roads, how to interpret construction signs and other situations that might throw the system off.

But right now, Google is apparently thinking of letting some of the project’s team members drive the cars for their daily commutes. Right now, the cars are always driven by at least two people, with hopes of turning into only one very soon. They’ve also announced that they’ve added the Lexus RX450h hybrid car to their self-driving fleet or rides. The self-driving cars are supposed to help those with visual or physical impairments so to increase their mobility and independence in the future, as well as help reduce accidents caused by distracted driving or poor visibility.

Kristie Bertucci

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