Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Review

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Edge of Glory
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18 Comments to Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Review

  1. I purchased the EOG because Bed, Bath &B was out of the Samurai pro. It works well, but they didn’t have to make the commercial they did to sell this product. To introduce a thought like this into the group consciousness should be a felony. This is how we are losing our rights. If you don’t adjust this and remove it from the package and TV, I will bypass all As Seen on TV products. This was a highly irresponsible act in my opinion and really, really bothers me that a firm of this size and influence did this despicable act for a few coins. I will still buy the S Pro because I have Asian knives as well and need the adjustable sharpening inserts.

  2. smokin' duck

    Yes, Rah rah rah! Edge of glory is pretty neat IF you can get your order. I have waited FOUR MONTHS with excuses for the delay by the dozens. Tele market smacks of a shell game.

  3. iamnotamoron

    just saw the infomercial….if anyone is idiotic enough to believe that four swipes through carbide sharpeners after a blade is flattened by a grinder…..the world is doomed. i worked in a machine shop, i am familiar with metals….you are getting skinned, trust me.

  4. I wonder how much Edge of Glory paid this guy to write this crap? Every other site I checked said it’s a piece of junk that doesn’t work.

  5. I would not be surprised at all if this guy was paid to give a favorable review of the sharpener. Try going to other web sites, such as Amazon, and read the reviews left there by people who actually used the product. This sharpener, like many other products sold on the independent tv stations, is a piece of crap designed to get your money and leave you with junk.

  6. commercial is bs

    watch the edge of glory commercial very carefully. when they get to the creditcard sharpening part, not only does the creditcard break, but you can see the line from where the tomato skin was precut! load of bs that the creditcard thing works. same bs as when they have cars running over pots

  7. knife steel to maintain your knife and use a sharpen stone to sharpen if it gets dull most electric sharpeners will do a good job but it will take too much away from the blade

  8. dont buy every thing you see on tv. I was a sucker to buy the orgreenick pan
    and it turned out to be a piece of shit

  9. So when some dipshit american parent leaves it unattended and their dipshit kid sharpens a random wallet card and cuts somebody, how are you gonna explain that one? I bet your lawyers will disappear right quick.

    • Mike I am on this site to make the exact same complaint. To introduce a thought like this into the group consciousness should be a felony. This is how we are losing our rights. Immature marketeers that will do or say anything for a buck. If we want to keep our rights, everyone needs to exercise better judgement.

  10. I just try to order this knife sharper but they said 100.00 they are charging me 2095 I think that what you call falste adavering ther riceing is over board start at 10.00 end up over 50.00 with shiping ans handle I hope it worth It
    Mary P. from Florida

  11. There are many sharpeners like that and the only thing that prevents me to buy one of those is the pre-set angle (around 40 degrees). For Japanese knives, the angle is much sharper (about 30), so sharpener like this would pretty much ruin your blade.

    Now if they come up with adjustable sharpening bits in a few pre-set angles (like 20-30-40 degrees), I’d be sold.

    • I don’t know much about Japanese knives, but if this thing is really as good as they show in the videos, couldn’t you just resharpen it at this angle instead? I mean, it’s going to make the knife perform differently, but if it can cut that well even at that angle, does it make a difference? This is a serious question — I’m trying to understand if I’m missing something.

      • Knives that are used for specific purposes are designed with a certain edge. I would not even dare to use this sharpener on my $1200 German forged Chefs Set. The Soduku knife used on the grinder actually requires a SPECIAL sharpener. This sharpener advertised will destroy that blade. Soduku blades are designed to release the food from the blade as it is being cut so it does not stick to the blade.

  12. “but I suppose you could just by another one for the cost and hassle…”
    Spelling brah….so very important if you’re going to blog about stuff. What’s wrong with that sentence segment? You may want to edit and correct that.

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