Audi has announced that it will release special edition R8 models exclusively for the U.S. market, with only 20 Exclusive Selection Editions for the R8 V8 and 30 units of its R8 V10 being made for a total of 50 special units. These special edition models will be based on the 2012 editions (even though they just announced a new facelift for their 2013 ones).

The R8 V8 editions will feature a custom Daytona Gray matte exterior finish, carbon fiber blade inserts, a black grilled surround, black exhausts, taillights that are from the R8 GT, standard red brake calipers and a set of 19-inch titanium five-arm double spoke wheels. The interior will features a an exclusive leather package with Crimson Red elements and contrast stitching, exclusive leather Navigation surround and a sportier steering wheel. The price for this special edition model will start at $137,700 for the manual version or $146,800 for the R tronic automatic.

The R8 V10 will come in Ibis White with contrasting black for the sideblades, exterior mirrors, grille and intakes, as well as a set of 19-inch e-tron wheel with black windows. The interior gets a carbon fiber monoposto driver’s cockpit, an exclusive leather Navigation surround, and a contoured steering wheel. It’ll start at $161,500 for the manual or $170,600 for the R tronic automatic.

Kristie Bertucci

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