Archos 101 XS Android Tablet Review

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16 Comments to Archos 101 XS Android Tablet Review

  1. How can you give 3 stars for this innovation -_-, if compared with iPad 2012 it’s likely 9,5/10, losing only in gaming, but beating in almost everything else!

  2. Not ideal for travel? How so? It’s the thinnest, lightest, most compact 10.1″ tablet with keyboard dock on the market. Weight, thickness is about half of a netbook even, it’ nearly half the weight and thickness of the Asus TF300/TF201/Infinity with keyboard.

      • The battery is 50% larger than in the Asus TF300/TF201/Infinity, so it should last over 10 hours, if it doesn’t do it yet that’s only/likely due to Archos and TI not yet having set the power consumption governors right in the firmware. Basically, right now it’s a test firmware, the product is not shipping before next month in Europe and 2-3 months from now in the USA. Right now the firmware tells the CPU and GPU to run at full speed all the time, no matter what happens on the screen, once they set the power consumption governors right in the firmware, it’ll automatically crank down CPU and GPU to minimum frequencies most of the time when those are not needed. I think we can expect over 10 hours battery life on its quite large 6000mAh battery, but to be confirmed.

        • Shawn Sanders

          I agree. but right now the 101 XS averages 4hrs. That’s is not good. But you are right. It is not released yet. But were told it’s ready for facetime with the press. So we review the unit we get. I didn’t mention the immediate need for a firmware upgrade as the unit would not stay powered for more than 3-7min before shutting down. Also Jelly Bean is right around the corner. So there is much that can change. I plan to revisit it. Like i said… I really like the thing. But I don’t think it’s ready just yet.

  3. Not competitively priced? It’s 32% cheaper than Asus TF300 with keybpard, 50% cheaper than iPad3 with keyboard, 63% cheaper than Asus Transformer Prime/Infinity with keyboard.

    Not ideal for video chat? It’s just fine for video chat, gtalk video chat is 720p hardware accelerated and Google+ hangouts work great even with HD audio.

      • Did you test Skype video chat? I think it’s an issue of the video chat not using hardware acceleration for the video compression on that specific video-chat app, perhaps it’s a Skype-only issue. I think it’s temporary, Archos or Skype can fix this by simply making sure hardware acceleration is used on video-chat. I think gtalk and Google+ Hangouts use hardware acceleration fine today. This OMAP4470 can easily do 1080p video-conferencing fully smoothly, of course this webcam is limited at 720p, but be sure it can support fully clear and smooth 720p simultaneous encode/decode as long as the hardware acceleration is used.

        • Shawn Sanders

          all agreed. Again, the thing is just not quite polished. There is some greatness there. But it needs time to marinate.

  4. how can you say is the same processor as in the Samsung tablet it’s not its 2.5 * faster than the old omap 4430 with sgx540 in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The Archos 101 XS is the first product with the OMAP4470, its performance is higher than Tegra3, it’s even higher performance than Apple A5X with SGX543 in the iPad3.

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