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the Philips Mini DJ System

Philips Mini DJ System


For those looking for more than just a DJ app for your smartphone can opt for the Philips Mini DJ System that is really an oversized boombox. It has dual rotating docks for Apple devices and a channel fader that allows you to mix the two sources together like a...

Water RPG

Rocket Propelled Water Grenade


Soaking your friend in a barrage of water used to mean grabbing the garden hose.  Or if your family’s wealth exceeded the normal means, a very well endowed supersoaker.  At least that was what the norm was 15 years ago. Now, if you’re lucky enough, you’ve got yourself an RPWG,...

Star Wars Theme Song Washing Machine

Star Wars Theme Song Played on a Washing Machine (video)


[GR]JO-UXv2S2PU[/GR] Star Wars is just about every where we look.  In fact, we probably can’t go more than a few weeks, if that, without posting about something related to the pervasive brand that seems to have invaded almost every aspect of our nerdy lives.  So without further adieu, we present...

Pyle Sports Waterproof MP3 Player main

Pyle Sports Waterproof MP3 Player Review

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Just because it’s Summertime doesn’t mean the living is easy — despite what the now-decades old song says. But for those of us who like to swim, or at least paddle around, the biggest problem is often boredom. Now I’m obviously not talking about being in a public pool with...


The Replug is Like MagSafe for Your Headphones


Breaking a key off in a lock is a nuisance to say the least. Break a headphone jack off into an iPhone or iPad, and you’ll pay not only the price of inconvenience, but you might even have to replace the entire device. Sure, that’s a worst case scenario, but...

Tube Wringers

Toothpaste Tube Wringer Gets The Last Drop Out (video)


These days, we’re all tightening the good old purse strings. If we’re not making our kids lick their plates clean, we’re buying the store brand ketchup, which mind you never tastes the same as Heinz despite sporting the same ingredients. Basically, we’re doing our best to mitigate waste or frivolous...