Accessing the shelves in your home is just as simple as walking up to them and grabbing what you need.  Simple enough, right?  But for those of you that can’t manage the walk from bedroom to living room, or vice versa, you’ll want these shelves designed by architect Ben Milbourne, designer Leyla Acaroglu and furniture designer David Waterworth.

Fittingly they’re called them UnWaste.  You see, the shelves rotate 360 degrees allowing the apartment’s occupants to access their contents from either side, be it in the living room or the bedroom.  Adding to the UnWaste name is the fact that the shelves are built from reclaimed plywood taken from construction sites, and has been left intact in terms of their finish  spray paint, etc.  The shelves also serve another purpose, which is to allow air and light to flow more freely through the small abode, which is a God send in any small apartment.

We’re not sure what components they used to construct these, but it should be simple enough for you to recreate them with help of any Home Depot worker.

Here you can see the shelves open or closed, and the back.

Christen Costa

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