Racing game simulators may have piqued in terms of features, realism, graphical elements, and just about anything else you think can be crammed into a single disc for the console of your choosing.  But experiencing the true thrill of F1 car, or really any high end vehicle that is race applicable can generally only come at the expense of visiting an actual track.  And that friends, requires a significantly large bank account.

Unfortunately, the proposition is no different when it comes to this 160-inch screen from Norman Design, which costs a whopping $114,000.  The setup utilizes an array of rear projectors attached to a muscle bound PC gaming rig, which presumably stitches the visuals together to create a panoramic, race like racing experience (it’s also 3D capable with the glasses no less).  Fortunately, bundled into the deal (a vast overstatement) is a motion capable seat and speakers.   However, the screen can apparently be purchase separately, though we’re almost 100% confident that alone will cost as much as an luxury branded vehicle.  And for the sake of audacity, the manufacturer claims that the 110lb rig is fully portable.  Sure, especially if you’ve got a Mercedes G SUV and a stock of work horse like employees on the payroll.

Source | Via: Gizmodo

Christen Costa

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