You know what would go perfectly with that Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping bag?  Aside from a giant stuffed hook, and a blanket made to look like the inards of a shark, is this Shark Laundry Hamper.  It would surely be a fun addition to any kids room, though it might warrant a few night terrors upon initial installation.  Because of that we’d recommend you stuff it in their closet, where it can remain hidden during the dark of knight.

It’s made from 100 percent polyester felt, and the mouth is where your tike can stuff in his dirty draws and socks.  The fins have no utility, but they most certainly sell the Shark appearance all the more.  As Gizmodo’s Andrew Liszewki points out, you could very well stuff toys and other item in it as well.  It’s just too bad it is sold, but no matter as the designer wanted $150.  That’s some serious cash, especially when it doesn’t have any moving parts or probably takes much in material cost to build.  But alas, art always comes at a price, and presumably this is a one off.  That is until the Etsy designer figures out just how popular it is.

Source | Via: Gizmodo

Christen Costa

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