Known for their high-performance gaming hardware, Razer announced the release of its new elite mouse, Ouroboros. The new mouse is fully customizable, ambidextrous wireless mouse designed to accommodate most hand sizes. Its palm rest can move up to 0.9 inches, increasing the length of the mouse to accommodate larger hand sizes, and can be tilted for further comfort. The interchangeable side panels it comes with add an extra finger rest to either side so that those who like a palm-grip style of mouse control can feel more comfortable in all their gaming adventures. Thanks to an adjustable back tilt angle, gamers will have adequate palm support for gaming comfort and endurance.

Besides its ergonomic features, the mouse has an enhanced sensor that is capable of up to 200 dpi, and a dedicated, built-in dpi clutch trigger button ensures players can achieve pinpoint precision when needed. The Ouroboros is powered by a rechargeable AA battery and boasts a minimum of 12 hours of drag-free, lag-less play. The Ouroboros mouse will cost around $130 when it comes out in the fourth quarter.

Kristie Bertucci

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