While it’s fairly rare that we post some news on here related to a Kickstarter project, this one has set the gaming world on fire.  For those of you that haven’t heard yet, the OUYA is a new $99 gaming console that is powered by the Android OS.  Yes, it’s backed by a whole lot of big industry names, but being backed by people doesn’t guarantee financing – especially in the cut throat world of video games.  So what’s a new company to do to seek funding?  Go to the masses of course!  And you people, the video game playing denizens of the world have spoken.  With twenty six days left, the company has blown its goal of $950,000 right out of the water, and is poised to break all sorts of records.  While previously Double Fine held the record of single day funding by raising a cool million, OUYA pulled in over two million from backers on the first day.  TWO MILLION DOLLARS.

Now in its fourth day, they are at a whopping four point three million – the record for fundraising on Kickstarter has been set by the Pebble for raising a massive ten million, but with so much time left the OUYA project could very well surpass even that.  While their naming choice might be a bit on the odd side (or maybe not considering how Nintendo has been naming things), one just has to admit that their ideas are completely revolutionary.  Now maybe your initial reaction is “Android games?  I already have those on my smartphone of tablet – why do I want them on a console?”  A very good question – but it would seem that the OUYA plans on bringing fully functional AAA retail games into the mix as well.  Another big deal?  The OUYA console is supposed to be fully moddable, and able to be easily rooted.  While this may turn some developers off, we can only begin to imagine the good that will come from this project.

Keep your eyes peeled, the war for the next console generation gets stranger by the minute….