Nikon D7000 Review

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Nikon D7000
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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

6 Comments to Nikon D7000 Review

  1. FYI you can switch the review function off on the D7000, you don’t have to see the shot you’ve just taken on the rear screen!

  2. i think if you used jpeg that would sort out your shutter speed, also if you do use the video you should get a filming cradel, (ebay around£50). you will use the camera for different things to me, i use it for sports photography, and have no problems in low light fast paced photos. however thanks for your review.

  3. Jerry Rocteur

    Thanks for the excellent review. My one concern before purchase is that the camera is two years old now, is there something else that may have come out more recently and has surpassed this camera with newer technology .. etc… ??

    • James Pikover

      That’s a reasonable concern, but if you’re main interest in purchasing is for stills, then it’s still excellent today as it was two years back. Technology has definitely improved, but right now, the top pro-sumer DSLR from Nikon is still the D7000. If you jump over to Canon, they have a few equally powerful yet newer DSLRs, but then you have to ask whether you want to (or can afford to) make the jump to Canon just for a slightly newer camera.

      I think there’s a pretty hefty gap between what the D7000 offers and the professional range Nikon has, both in precision and price. So unless you want to put down an extra $500 more (at least), the answer to your question is no, not yet.

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